My Squirting Adventure

Mia Mei is an Asian girl from NYC. On the outside, she’s your typical Asian girl - playing games, going shopping, and drinking boba tea - but secretly, she’s a FREAK. Ever since she was a little girl, Mia has tried naughty things. At age 5, she was already masturbating by humping her teddy bear at night. Recently, she has experimented with being a cam girl and masturbating for strangers on camera.

We thought it would be interesting to hear about her sexual experiences on Amped Asia. These are her TRUE stories.

Ahh, squirting.  A mystery and myth to many, both for women and men. I remember first discovering the existence of  this phenomena years ago watching Cytherea getting pounded out in a porno (her early days) convinced that such copious amounts of liquids squirting out of any woman’s pussy must be staged/fake! Yet, I continued to hear more about this coveted squirting and male friends would recount their tales of their ooshy gushy experiences with women capable of these massive female ejaculations. I was cynical, intrigued, but mostly jealous. I too, want to be able to squirt ridiculous fountains of female ejaculate.

I’ve had many instances of what many call “gushing.” Gushing in my experience, is the feeling I would often times get mid-fucking where I could actually feel deep inside my pussy, a release of liquid- and it would be noticeable not only for me but for my partner as well. Many times after these gushing instances, I’d find a little wet stain on the sheets and splatters of my pussy juice on either me or him, sometimes even splatters on his chest after an intense cock riding session.

I realized that

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