My Squirting Adventure

Mia Mei is an Asian girl from NYC. On the outside, she’s your typical Asian girl – playing games, going shopping, and drinking boba tea – but secretly, she’s a FREAK. Ever since she was a little girl, Mia has tried naughty things. At age 5, she was already masturbating by humping her teddy bear at night. Recently, she has experimented with being a cam girl and masturbating for strangers on camera.

We thought it would be interesting to hear about her sexual experiences on Amped Asia. These are her TRUE stories.

Ahh, squirting.  A mystery and myth to many, both for women and men. I remember first discovering the existence of  this phenomena years ago watching Cytherea getting pounded out in a porno (her early days) convinced that such copious amounts of liquids squirting out of any woman’s pussy must be staged/fake! Yet, I continued to hear more about this coveted squirting and male friends would recount their tales of their ooshy gushy experiences with women capable of these massive female ejaculations. I was cynical, intrigued, but mostly jealous. I too, want to be able to squirt ridiculous fountains of female ejaculate.

I’ve had many instances of what many call “gushing.” Gushing in my experience, is the feeling I would often times get mid-fucking where I could actually feel deep inside my pussy, a release of liquid- and it would be noticeable not only for me but for my partner as well. Many times after these gushing instances, I’d find a little wet stain on the sheets and splatters of my pussy juice on either me or him, sometimes even splatters on his chest after an intense cock riding session.

I realized that I was capable of “mild” squirting. But only in small half dollar size amounts at a time, and never consistently. No where near the sheer force and amount of squirt that Cytherea nearly defies physics with, her squirting far and wide with a force capable only by that of an Olympian pussy. So for years I accepted mediocrity and believed that my own body was just not capable of heavy squirting, only “gushes.”

Cut to present day, I can now proudly say that I’m a squirter, a heavy one, and when I gush, I gush waterfalls. There’s only one catch. I need an audience. Since I’ve started camming in March, I’ve learned many, many things. One of those many, is that when you’re an exhibitionist like me- knowing that there are strangers all over the world, touching themselves, watching you…not only is it euphorically addictive (my purple dragon), it is my ultimate aphrodisiac.

Now for story time!

The first time I heavily squirted it was completely unexpected, and so fucking hot. I was on cam, and having a “private” session with one of my favorites/regular. I was splayed spread eagle on my faux white leather chair, Hitachi in my left hand, and “ROSIE” in my right. Rosie is the nickname I have for my current favorite glass dildo, and she’s also the only toy that has gotten me to consistently squirt heavily.


I had my Hitachi on HI, pressed firmly against my engorged clit, and rosie was 1/2 deep into my pussy.  That’s all I needed inside to feel the smooth ridged lips of Rosie’s tip against my super sensitive g-spot. Since I had already cum a few times from fucking myself furiously just moments ago, I was taking it easy and just gently rocking Rosie in a circular motion against myself and feeling every small ridge . It was tantalizing and slow, and my entire body was still basking in that post-orgasmic glow.


However, my viewer then demanded that I continue to fuck myself, again, and again, and what the viewer wants in private, the viewer gets! (Save for some hard limits, but hey you never know until you ask right?).

I had already had at least 5 orgasms (albeit small ones) so my entire body was super sensitive. I was in multiple orgasm mode, a hyper sensitive mode that my body goes in after a few orgasms in. I’m usually so sensitive that a blow to the back of my neck would have me shuddering and convulsing in another small orgasm.

So, being a good little obedient cam-slut, I fucked myself hard with Rosie anyway, still spread eagle in that faux white leather chair and completely lost in my own lust, when I realized that my entire right hand was covered in my own juice. With each thrust of my beaded glass rose dido, a warm forceful squirt would hit my hand. And it wouldn’t stop. I was in such shock and awe, and slightly delirious from all the other orgasms before. I was giggling, moaning, exclaiming “OH MY GOD LOOK, I’M ACTUALLY SQUIRTING!” all at the same time. This went on for about 30 minutes, before I collapsed from the intense multiple orgasms and likely dehydration from all the squirt I had pumped out of myself. I slid off my chair only to step in a puddle that had formed from my crazy squirt fest on cam. Bounty wasn’t gonna help this mess. I had to actually use a mop to clean it all up.

(Below is the actual puddle I squirted out, it’s kind of hard to see)


Since then I’ve been experimenting with this newfound ability to squirt puddles. I haven’t been able to recreate it solo, nor even with an experienced partner. Only on cam, & with an audience. I’d like to note that Rosie, in my personal experience, has been the best toy to get myself to squirt with. I believe this has something to do with the ridged petal lips hitting my g-spot differently. A lot of times I just end up rocking the toy against me slowly and in a small circle and it’s enough to get me to a solid g-spot orgasm. Also, because of the “knots” that are in the shaft of Rosie, it makes for an intense experience. I highly recommend that you guys get this toy immediately for your girlfriend/wife/fuckbuddy. Best enjoyed with a vibrator, or a guy with great oral skills.


Written by Editorial Staff

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