Girls Gone Wireless: The Tale of 2 Girls Seeking Asian Men for Marriage

Our first in-person podcast was super FUN!

Since our podcast has been getting more attention, I decided to upgrade our podcast studio so we can accept in-person guests.

Our first in-person podcast is a CRAZY one. I got 2 of the most interesting Asian OnlyFans content creators to get on the pod and discuss everything from 

  • Why they only date Asian men
  • Their struggles landing the right Asian guy
  • Their new (insane) podcast they’re starting
  • Crazy dating stories
  • What is a FUCKGIRL?
  • The fuckboy dating tactics that they’ve adopted
  • Grilling me on my dating life (I reveal a shit ton of my personal stories)

This one was HILARIOUS, and it’s very different from our usual guests. We mainly shot the shit and tried to make the pod as funny as possible.


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Written by Editorial Staff