Giant Panda FAKES Pregnancy In Taiwan to Receive Better Treatment! Find Out How

A giant panda faked her own pregnancy to get better treatment in Taiwan. Find out how she did it!

Move over Yogi, because we you ain’t the only one smarter than your average bear. In fact the panda named Yuan Yuan in the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan is a damn near diabolical genius!


For one thing, Yuan Yuan’s aeronautical engineering is far superior.

You see Yuan Yuan is currently being studied by researchers who believe that she faked her own pregnancy in order to receive preferential treatment.


I dunno guys… she’s large, irritable, and likes to eat. Seems pregnant to us.

As far fetched as this may seem, let’s keep in mind that as protocol, when pandas become pregnant at the Taipei Zoo, the mothers to be are moved into air conditioned single rooms that are supplied with ample amounts of extra food and near round the clock attention from the staff.


Many southern women employ the same technique when dining at the Country Kitchen Buffet in order to receive discounts.

Hell for that kind of treatment who wouldn’t fake their own pregnancy? However this is where it truly gets weird. It is believed that Yuan Yuan, who has been pregnant in past, began showcasing symptoms of pregnancy to gain the beneficial treatment. She showed a loss in appetite and even a thickening of the uterus.

You read that right, SHE THICKENED HER UTERUS! Researchers believe that Yuan Yuan, after observing the better treatment pregnant pandas gain, began displaying similar symptoms in order to get the nicer accommodations to escape the brutal summer heat in Taiwan.


Yuan Yuan! You got some ‘spalinin to doooo!

Researchers cannot explain however how she was able to thicken her uterus, but oddly enough that is not the weirdest takeaway from this story. The weirdest thing is this is not without precedent.

Back in 2014 another panda named Ai HinĀ from the Chengdu Breeding Research Center near Sichuan, China was believed to have faked her pregnancy as well in order to receive better treatment and all the fruit, bamboo and buns they could eat.

But for both these attention whores, the jig was up once researchers tried artificially inseminating these wannabe moms. Both pandas upon receiving the better treatment began returning to normal behavior and vital signs exhibited in pandas not in heat nor pregnant.

So there you have it, pandas are learning, and they are using it to be even more lazy and fat than they were before. However we would like to throw out one more theory. Yuan Yuan like most pandas outside of China was a gift from the Mainland to foster better relations with other countries. Given China and Taiwan’s historically strained political relationship is it so far fetched to believe that Yuan Yuan was a highly trained and genetically modified super spy panda with the sole mission of sabotaging and demoralizing the former Formosa??!


Not the red panda you were thinking of but the red panda you needed to know about.

Or maybe it was just a fat ass panda wanting more food and A/C, what do we look like Jack Hanna?

Source: Shanghaiist



Written by SheuManChu