Dating Multiple Men

Sunny, age 24, has a little secret. All of her friends and family regard her as the unassuming and excitable little Asian girl who works a respectable job. However, behind her goofy smile hides an insatiable goddess in the sack. A very eager girl who is willing to try anything once, Sunny loves nothing more than giving - and receiving - pleasure. Interests include lengthy blowjobs, meeting interesting people, and cuddling.

These are her TRUE stories. Part of our new NSFW section on Amped Asia. All about sex sex sex.

Sunny's Sexploits

We've all been a little bad; I mean, who hasn't? The question is how bad were you? One of my most naughty times was when I went to study abroad and I got my dirty little hands on all the men I could find. I was so excited by the opportunity to expand my sexual horizons that it became apparent one lover simply just wasn't enough. I couldn't say no as each prospect cropped up, one after another. At one point I had a string of men on the go, some local, some out of town. I didn't tell most of them about my 'extracurricular activities', but the guys who did know absolutely loved the fact that I was cheating on several men at once.

On a hot summer's day, I had just ended a long and sweaty session with one of my lovers, with him cumming all over my ass and pussy. He had to rush off to work pretty soon after and I was left lying on my bed, the fresh cum slowly cooling on my body. Even though my little cunt took a beating not too long ago, I still felt a deep longing for more. I scrolled th

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