Is Korean Actress Clara the 2nd Most Beautiful Woman in the World?

A South Korean actress & model named Clara Lee was recently named the 2nd most beautiful woman in the world by MODE lifestyle magazine, beating out women such as Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, and Alessandra Ambrosio.

According to MODE —

“[Clara] has a refreshing image and bright personality. Her stellar performances in Korean movies, modeling and acting caught the attention of our U.S. judges, which led to her high ranking on the list.”

Clara responded —

“I’m grateful that people not only in Korea but also overseas are looking at me prettily with a good heart.  I want to make sure to relay my thanks to my fans both domestic and foreign through this opportunity.”

Korean actress and model Clara Lee started her career in a role in the South Korean movie, Five Senses of Eros. She’s also done shoots for magazines such as Esquire and Sure.

But what really made her famous was this outfit that she wore when she threw a ceremonial first baseball pitch (below).

Clara Lee Korean Actress

One of the cutest butts I’ve ever seen.


I think I like girls that wear leggings.

The video and pictures of her pitch went VIRAL in South Korea, leading her to be cast in several music videos and commercials. In every video she’s always looking sexy and showing tons of cleavage.

Here’s the full baseball video.

When I was first writing this post I thought I would say that there’s NO WAY that Clara is the 2nd hottest woman alive, but after Google Imaging her and looking her up for the past 30 minutes I think my mind has changed. Actually I now think Clara Lee might be the #1 HOTTEST woman alive on those legs alone.

What do you guys think? Is Clara Lee worthy of the title of the 2nd hottest woman alive? Check out the following pictures and videos before you make your decision!

Clara Sprite Green

Clara BNT

Clara Sprite CommercialClara  Clara Sure Magazine Clara Korean Model Clara Lee Seong Min Clara Green Bikini Clara Korean Actress Clara Clara Korean

Clara in the super sexy Sprite commercial

Clara is the pole dancer in the following music video

Clara makes an appearance in Jay Park’s music video

Clara working out… *drool*

Clara x Miami Beach

Korean Actress Clara photos

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Written by Larry Vo

  • mike ahuja

    my future wife :)

  • lolohthor

    Yeah I’d shmang lol

  • No way

    She’s hot for sure but not the 1st or 2nd hottest in the world. All one has to do is look at the pics of the recent World Cup in Brazil, way hotter woman. I love asians but there are prettier one’s, asian wise.

  • Chris

    I’ve seen prettier. And hey, she oversells herself too hard & that kinda makes her look, sorry to say this, cheap. Besides, she’s a korean, i’m not sure if her beauty is real & natural

    • jle

      yo fight me

  • Zev

    No, her tits are too big

  • SiusPlau

    to much plastic….

  • Daunt_lyss

    She’s nothing special. Honestly, I expected Lee Hyori not her. Who is she again? O.o

  • kangjun

    lol, she’s aight!

  • disqus_LJj4uJgP1Y

    I wonder what she looked like AFTER the plastic surgery.

  • kitteyandkat

    Eh. I mean, all the victorias secret models are way hotter in my opinion.

  • just one guy

    2nd hottest, I don’t agree….