Christine Huang Is Waiting For That Right Guy

The last time we shot Christine Huang, she was dating somebody. This time she’s single and ready to mingle. That’s probably why it seems she’s 100x hotter this time around (plus, love the new hair color girl!) Take a look at her latest shoot with our resident photographer Leo Trajano.

Tell us the story of how you started modeling?

There’s not much to it except that I wanted to experience it. I like to try new things whenever I can just to say I’ve experienced it at least once in my life.


From stalking you it seems like you like gaming. How did you get into it and what are your favorites?

It wasn’t much of getting into it as it was just part of my childhood growing up. I haven’t had a chance to play games recently, but I try to keep up to date with new ones and see if any of my friends play. Then I’ll make the effort to join in if I hear enough good reviews. I enjoy playing online games with friends rather than solo. I get distracted easily.


Rank the following 3 from least to most important in a guy you’d want to date: 1, how good he is at video games, 2, how much he loves Anime, 3, how many kpop songs he knows.

How many kpop songs he knows, How much he loves Anime, How good he is at video games. Video games being the highest ranking one because it’s not fun if I kick his ass all the time.

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you be doing today?

I always wanted to say I’d tell everyone how I feel about them (like screw you, and you, and you, you cool, screw you…) but then realized that would probably be the last thing on my mind. So I would say my goodbyes to family and close friends and then cross as many things off my bucket list as I can.


If you could go back 5 years, what would you tell your younger self?

Change my major, things happen for the better, and thank Jesus every day.

You’re about to be stranded on a deserted island, but
you have some shitty food and shelter there, which of the following things would you wish you could bring — 1. A person that you’re not friends with (you can pick who), 2.
A box full of unlimited anime and videogames (assume you can play them on the deserted island), 3. A magical pot that can make any food you want.

You can’t be serious… A stranger, useless crap, or food to help me live. I’ll take the food.


Why do you think you would be a good girlfriend for someone?

Get to know me and find out for yourself. ;D

Are you single or taken?

Single, come at me.

Why do you think you’re still single?

I want to be, there’s nothing wrong with waiting for the right guy. Never settle for less, had to learn that the hard way.


What is the sexiest part on a man’s body?
This is a hard one. Hands or Abs. (Editor’s note, wtf hands?!)

Where can we find you online?

IG: @christine.huang
Snapchat: christinehuang
Twitter: @chriscastic

Written by Hugh Huynh