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Vol 24: Ashley Vee

The Summer 2018 Issue of Amped Asia is here! It’s proving to be a super hot summer, and a lot

Anthia Mo: Boston’s Finest

One of Boston’s finest has just moved to LA. We got to shoot her and her super flexible body. Check

Julie Meka: Hollywood Hottie

Ready to meet Julie Meka? The amazingly gorgeous model from Las Vegas has an unreal body, and a really cute

Maria Zen: A Body To Die For

A new face that we haven’t seen much of here in the States, Maria Zen is a girl that we

Lily2Silly: Wrestling In Bed Is The Best

Lily is this not so average girl that is just a literal ball of energy with highlights of the goofy/geeky

Jessica Weaver: Last Year’s April Fools Video

Hopefully, you’ve realized by now that this was an elaborate April Fool’s joke. Amped Asia will still remain all about

Ayumi Anime: мила From Ukraine

If you’re wondering what those squiggly lines on the title; it’s pronounced Myla and it’s a Ukrainian expression for cute.

Harriet Sugarcookie: Your British Girl Next Door

What can we say about Harriet Sugarcookie that hasn’t been said before? We’re not too sure, but probably one of

Yuni Kaye: Red Hot

If you like them very busty and red-haired then Yuni Kaye is probably the girl that’s going to wet your