Amped Asia Contributor Captain Daniel Hyun to be Featured on Dating TV Show

Editor’s Note: We had to give a shout out to Captain Daniel Hyun, an Amped Asia “Asian Masculinity” contributor who’s writing will be featured in our upcoming issue of Amped Asia.

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The commentators were a little harsh about him revealing that he took dating & fashion classes, but Danny got the girl in the end! As an aside I believe that you shouldn’t be ashamed of the fact that you took an interest in self-development, and reality shows are meant to do cuts and edits to make you seem silly. 

This is an article originally from Danny’s Medium.

I just got off my interview call and couldn’t believe what happened. The opportunity to be one of the first Asian Males to be casted on an American dating show just became a possibility. The producer whose work includes “Keeping up with Kardashians” was practically telling me that I will be casted on a show where the main guys casted are Caucasian, African American, or Hispanic.

Before I had my casting interview set, I always had my story ready. I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. Being a bullied overweight Asian kid to Air Force Academy graduate to Air Force Captain, I experienced painful moments, regrets and challenges. Yet everything I went through for being an Asian American male in the United States was worth it once I knew I had my opportunity to show how awesome Asian men are.

Growing up in New Jersey, I was bullied for being overweight and being Asian. The prejudice and the racism was always there. And the thing is I accepted it. I accepted my reality. I didn’t want to be an Asian American. I didn’t want to accept my identity as a Korean American. I wanted to be Caucasian. I felt like I was inferior because I was Asian.

I hid the fact that I played the violin, was good at math, that I was intelligent, that I ate Korean food, that I talked with my parents on the phone in a different language, and that we were different. I hated my Korean culture. I never wanted to bring my friends over because of my Asian household.

I used to judge other Asians with my fake Caucasian friends who kept me around as entertainment. I was the butt of every joke in high school and started with my Asian ethnicity. Before Halloween, I teepeed a Chinese Immigrants House while doing ding dong ditch. The father opened the door and I watched as my friends teased him because he didn’t speak English. My father’s image passed before my eyes, and yet I did nothing. I teased him and judged his son on the bus. I never stood up for the guy.

My parents did work at nail salons and dry cleaners. And I allowed people to make fun of that. I didn’t see that their jobs were the symbol of hard work and how immigrants work their butts off to make a living for their families. I remember my mom came home crying once that kids harassed her, mocking her by creating “Asian eyes”, and making fun of her. I remember I wanted to kill them. I told her I wanted to come to work and protect her.

This went all the way through my adult life. I allowed others to tease me, to look down on our race. They said they were joking and you know what, I accepted that. But I always knew in the back of my mind, I did not want to accept it. I wanted to speak up about it. I wanted to tell them, “hey, the jokes are disrespectful. I don’t care that you find it funny. I do not. So I appreciate it if you stop.” However, I never spoke up. Day by day, my own confidence decreased and I never accepted my Asian male identity.

Then I got stationed in South Korea and everything changed. For the first time, I was never judged as an “Asian Male”. I was judged on me, on what kind of man I was. Everyone judged me on my words, my actions, my habits, and never what the color of my skin was.

For the first time, I can be ME and what I do defines me. I am not a Korean American male but I am just a male.

I finally realized that I am an Alpha Asian Male because I am Asian American and not in spite of it. My Korean culture gives me certain strengths that no other males have.

This is when I realized my vision in life: To support each Asian brother to become the best version of himself so one day I go visit their cities and meet their of friends and family. Whether their friends are Caucasian, Hispanics, African American and even Asian women, all I hear is how awesome each of my student is and how much value he brings to them.

The show “Dating No Filter” is the first step on how awesome Asian men can be and that we can become the best version of ourselves. The show will tell my story of how I became who I am from graduating from the Air Force Academy, becoming Air Force Captain, and how I got hired to a dating coach for Asian men with ABCs of Attraction. My intention for the show is to inspire the Asian boy who is sitting in his room, crying because someone disgraced him, his family, and his culture. I want him to find hope and strength that he can change his own circumstances and understand that being Asian is a strength and not a weakness. I want him to know that it will be a long journey but he has every choice to become a strong Asian American male. I want him to know that I am here for him. I want him to believe in himself and that he is going to look at himself one day and feel pride in what he sees.

Dating No Filter airs at 1030 pm on 21 January 2019 on E! Network. Thank you for the support.

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