Interview with Peter Chao

Peter Chao is a Youtube celebrity from Canada who became famous after creating his Youtube channel Pyrobooby, where Peter talks about relevant social issues and makes fun of celebrities and other news-worthy events. His videos are extremely controversial because he often makes fun of his own mother, his heritage, and other ethnicities. But despite the fact that he’s racist, sexist, vulgar, and self-deprecating, he’s also one of the most funny Youtube celebrities. How did you come up with the name Peter Chao?
Peter Chao: Well, when I came out of my Mama Chao’s vagina, she and her boyfriend at the time gave me the name “Peter” cause she heard one of her friends on the corner refer to it as an alternative way to say “penis”. I guess they thought it was funny at the time. You are really funny in your videos, have you always been that way or did you somehow learn to be funny?
PC: In school, I would always do shit to try to be funny, but I ended up being more annoying than anything else. Tell us what you think were the keys to becoming such a big YouTube star?
PC: It’s a combination of having an original idea, luck, willing to take chances, consistency, and seeing how far an idea will take you. If it’s a good idea, you just need to get eyes on it. Many people do great things online that nobody ever gets to see and at the end of the day, if nobody sees it, it’s practically non-existent. It just so happens people like watching videos of a foul-mouthed Asian man cursing at the camera.

Peter Chao awesome You’re pretty stylish and you mention a lot about certain brands in your videos. Have you always been stylish and what do you think made you that way?
PC: I used to wear hand-me-downs that my mom would collect from children that were giving away their clothing. So yeah, I wasn’t fashionable until I was being seen by millions on the internet and I was like, I should really clean myself up a bit. Is making videos your full-time job now or do you have a day job?
PC: Full time. I love my job. I’ve always had a dream to entertain and I’m very lucky that I can make a living off of it. And no, talking to a camera and then watching yourself talk to a camera while you edit doesn’t mean I’m a narcissist. What is one thing you haven’t accomplished yet that you really want to accomplish?
PC: I have many things I have yet to accomplish. I’m the only Asian on YouTube that doesn’t have 1 million subscribers yet. Nigahiga has like 5 million, and I ain’t even got 1. Something’s wrong with that shit.

Peter Chao has a hot girlfriend
Yeah, Peter Chao has a hot girlfriend. In your videos you feature your girlfriend sometimes, how did you guys meet and why was she the right girl for you?
PC: Sometimes, you just know. When I met my girl, I just knew she was the one for me. She’s beautiful, talented, funny and loves animals. She even does her own YouTube thing now, which makes me even more proud. And let me tell you mudafuckas something out there, just cause you treat a mudabitch with respect doesn’t mean you’re whipped. What are the traits that you like in a woman?
PC: Well, anybody who tells you appearance doesn’t matter, they’re full of shit. She has to be hot. And yeah, then personality. They have to be funny and make me laugh. Who’s your celebrity crush?
PC: When I was a kid, I was always crushing on the White girls. Nicole Kidman was my childhood crush but I can’t really think of anybody so I’ll just say Jackie Chan, even though he’s a dude. Not sexual, I just wanna fight him in a movie. Any final message for AmpedAsia fans?
PC: I’m very grateful for all my success and I want to thank you guys for supporting me. I take nothing for granted and in my view, I definitely haven’t maximized my potential. I want to be a movie star, a stand-up comedian, a film director. I love you guys, thanks for watching my videos and if you keep watching em, I’ll keep makin’ em. Chao outside, mudafucka!

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  • Joanna Do

    His girlfriend is gorgeous and look Vietnamese

    • Kevin Tang

      I think she’s white though.

      • TinksWendy

        Well, she looks chinese and English. So there.

  • Tom Lemon

    In Australia, its common to see white men dating Asian women, but when Asian guys date white girls, racist react.

    White men really hate Asian and Indian men dating white women

    • Convergence

      I think that is true with all men who concern themselves with that. I think you will find that truth as real as any race who do not like to see men of other races dating their woman. That kind of ignorance and insecurity is International.