Top 9 Clubs to Spot the Hottest Models: Asia Edition

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Wanna party your ass off in Asia with hot models? Read this article and learn everything you need to know to make it happen.

Let’s face it— night clubs are only “hot” based on the people inside it. So a lot of clubs will invite models to come party on certain nights. These “Model Nights” are especially popular in certain fashion-forward cities of Asia. My personal experience includes nightlife in Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong, where restaurants, bars, and nightclubs invite models to their venues for easy access, no cover fee, free drinks, free food, and a private area to spend their night socializing and dancing. The exclusivity and glamour of such royal treatment attracts “the beautiful people” to the venue which in turn, lures the everyday crowd to come join the party. Why? Because the higher the head count, the greater the sales… simple as that.

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9) Koi (Bangkok)

In Bangkok, any seasoned model knows that in order to start the night right, Koi is the perfect place to go. This “OG” restaurant/lounge/bar has been popular in the nightlife scene for a long time, having its reputation built over the years. The restaurant invites models to dine for free nearly every night of the week, and is the precursor to the club crawl after 23:00(11pm).

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Address: 26, Sukhumvit Soi 20, Sukhumvit Road, Klong Toey, Bangkok, 10110


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Written by Kai Braden