These 3 Female Idols Have THE Sexiest Bodies in Korea

If you want beautiful women look no further than South Korea. There’s plenty of stunning females, from the cute ones to the drop-dead, sexy ones. And according to popular opinion over there, these 3 idols have THE hottest bodies.

First up is Hani from ExID:

She’s got curves in all the right places:

Her slender figure is #goals for many women:

She wears shorts well:

Second on the list is Joy from Red Velvet:

she’s got a slim waist:

and beauty to match:

last, but not least, the famous Eunseo from Cosmic Girls:

The fierce Kill Bill look:

Even in the middle of performing, she’s still looking extra hot:

Despite the many idols in Korea, these 3 made the top of the list. Do you agree? Which Korean idol do you think is the sexiest?

Written by Tai Tai