10 Advantages Asian Men Have in Dating

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Some Asian men complain about their dating lives. But they don’t realize the advantages they actually have in the dating arena.

We’ve been publishing a lot of dating articles recently, and a lot of the content has focused on self-improvement or fixing and avoiding mistakes. Yes, Asian men have a lot of problems in the dating arena — Asian men are generally not seen as the sexiest men in TV and movies (although this is quickly changing), Asian men have cultural barriers that prevent them from succeeding with American women, and Asian men find it hard to understand American dating norms.

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But what a lot of people don’t realize is that Asian men have a lot of natural advantages in the dating world.

Like never before in modern history, women of all races are beginning to like Asian men. AMXF (Asian Male X Female, where X is any race besides Asian) marriages are on the rise compared to previous years. In larger numbers, we’re seeing that Asian men are no longer being seen as undesirable partners, and Hollywood is paying attention to the trend by casting more leading Asian males. There is even a growing number of non-Asian women who exclusively desire Asian men.

DISCLAIMER: Obviously when we’re talking about race, we have to make certain generalizations. Of course not everything on this list will fit every single Asian guy.

So what advantages do you have as an Asian man? Things like…

1) Asian culture promotes studying & learning. Statistics show Asians have the highest performance in school. (And yes, you can learn how to be a better dater).


Of course this isn’t just limited to Asian men, but to men who have higher intelligence in general.

There’s a reason that Asians are stereotyped as being lean, mean, calculating machines: their average GPA is a whole 0.2 points higher than the next closest group, making them the highest-achieving students in the country. Furthermore, statistics show that Asians have an average SAT score thats nearly 100 points higher than the next highest race (Whites), and a whopping 300+ points higher than Mexicans and Blacks.

Does this mean Asian men are smarter? Not necessarily, but it does mean they know how to study. And guess what? You CAN study to become better at dating. There’s a whole industry about it.

While it’s annoying to constantly be expected to be a mathematical genius at a moment’s notice, having a higher learning aptitude DOES have a major advantage in the dating department.

There are many ways and methods to improve your dating skills. These methods take time, studying, and training. If you learn faster and you learn BETTER, you will get results with in your dating life than someone who is not as intelligent.

When I was a dating consultant, I realized that Asian men were able to improve their dating skills quickly and easily, in fact much easier than the students of other races (granted, I admit this was a limited sample). The key here is to admit that you need help and find resources online that can help you improve your skills.

Instead of stumbling left and right to figure out why women keep rejecting him, Asian men can use their analytical and logical intelligence to get better results faster.

2) You’re not limited to faux-cultural cuisine, Asian men tend to know the more authentic restaurant spots.


When I’ve gotten asked out to dinners by White guys I generally get taken to American restaurants. For example, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, or maybe BJ’s. If he’s feeling exotic, he might try a pseudo-cultural place like PF Chang’s. None of these places are terrible, but none of them are special either. Sometimes a White guy will try to take me to “authentic Asian cuisine” but will fall short because he doesn’t even know what’s good. That’s a big turn-off for me because it shows that he just doesn’t know what he’s doing.

This is where Asian guys are at an advantage: when you go out for Asian food, you don’t go to American chains or cheap takeout, you go for authenticity and you KNOW the real thing. You know the little hole-in-the-wall and mom-and-pop places where real Asian food is cooked by real Asian people. You know the best pho joints, the most authentic Korean barbecue, the most delicious curries. Showing your woman that you know how to find the most authentic and best places to eat Asian food is one of the keys to getting in her pants, because let’s face it, women love to eat.

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Written by Cindy Young

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    I’m sorry, but this just sound like crap Asian prejudice mixed with anti-white ideas and clichés. I have been living in China for 9 years and am constantly confronted to local men’s insecurities in that area and from my perspective the way you’ll strike a woman’s interest is not by being “oh oh, we’re Asians, we know what we’re talking about when i comes to Asian food, not like those (retarded) white people who take you to fake Asian food places, because you know we’re so good at math unlike those (retarded) white people who don’t even have a culture like”. No, in my opinion Asian men who are attractive to women are the ones who accept who they are, who try to improve themselves if they think they should, who don’t belittle white people to try and make themselves feel better, who just grow a pair a balls without the arrogance that can go along with it but with some reasonable pride. And that’s exactly how men from ALL RACES go at it.

    I’ve initially wrote a response to every argument you made (until i gave up at page 4 i think) but i’ve decided to delete them as it’s pointless. I just hope Asian men reading your article will not condone this nonsense as it will not work in their favour. On the contrary this will only widen the gap between them and any girl and also put off girls who tend to appreciate TRULY respectful and open minded men (and not those “oh Asian are brought up to be more respectful because we’re just better than all of you of course” ).

    You’re 1/4 Chinese and 3/4 white and you related strongly to your Chinese side? What a AMERICAN thing to say. People who are insecure and feel like a minority ALWAYS relate to their origins as it’s an escape from the reality of the fact that their own problems are more related to their own selves than they are to the environment they live in. I’m half French half Scottish and when things bothered me when i was younger in France i was also tempted to relate more to my Scottish side and vice-versa.

    I understand what your trying to do with this article, even though some parts are completely arrogant with superior race tendencies. I’m afraid you are the last person an Asian man should go for advice. Teaching Asian men confidence is the way to go at it, not teaching them to express their insecurity by looking down on other races and feeling superior to this (obviously from the general nonsense arguments in your article) inferior white race. My advice to men: start talking to girls without all that racist profiling ideology in your head and consider them no different than yourself, and give up the idea that it’s easy for white people as it takes effort some people seem to be willing to put in instead of being cry babies, that would be a start. 祝你好运!

    • John

      Dude who gives you the right to speak for Asian men and furthermore say who is insecure and whatnot? Especially if you’re white. You have no idea what it’s like to be a minority.

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        Alright man…thanks for that very constructive comment. Have a good one then.

    • JohnnyMangoes

      You again, faggot?

      Always a white dude telling other people how to live their lives. ALL of you feel superior to other races and then as soon as another race stands up and says, we’re decent human beings too and have our own awesome traits, you get all mad.

      Seriously, go breed with an ugly Chinese woman and get your white genes out of the system. Seriously can’t wait until white males are gone. Even your own women don’t want you.

      And this is coming as someone who PASSES as white and is sick of being associated with you people.

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        Oh! you’re that troll who got banned from Chinasmack? The one pretending to be white so that he could vomit all of his bullshit about white women loving black dicks and all that? Are you aware that it’s a Chinese person (Yes! an Asian person!) who moderated your ass? So now you’re Asian? Well that’s a surprise!
        To answer your comment i’ll say that no i’m not telling Asians how to live their lives, i’m merely giving my own honest advice (take it or not) and expressing concern about the bullshit content of the article in question. Anyway, on a different topic i think it’s interesting how Asians and other “minorities” are seemingly allowed to express racism towards whites but oh dear a white man giving honest advice to people is just another fucker who thinks he’s superior?
        If you had a 100% of a brain you would indeed be chasing after Marion Cotillard and i would still not give a shit because i’m happy for Asian men shagging white girl as i don’t have any issue with that and i prefer Asian girls anyway (And yes, it’s reciprocal).
        Again if you had a brain you wouldn’t trust a girl just as prejudiced as yourself to teach you how to grow a pair a balls and not spit on the guy giving honest advice for free. Small dick

        • Alex

          Quit your eternal bitching fancypant.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I feel that these articles are really arrogant, maybe but I would say racist or borderline at that. I think this is really biased to Asians (Duh, Asian lifestyle magazine) but I just find this projection of articles offensive. That’s just me though. I agree with ya Gordon on the first paragraph. Btw I’m 3/4 Chinese 1/4 Viet.

  • Eric Edwards

    You seem like you have past problems that you are excessively bitter about toward Caucasian males…

  • that Asian guy

    coming from an asian, this applies to every other race too.

  • http://FlashKore.com/ ÄRÇ ÄÑGΣL ÇRØWΣ

    Little Saigon: Westminster and Magnolia is the best mi quang in OC. Any better, you have to go to Central Vietnam. There is no such thing as “chicken” pho. That’s a “McDonald’s” equivalent. Beef is the only real pho and it’s the perfect Winter comfort food. I also love chicken feet at Chinese dim sum. I find Little Saigon has better taste for Vietnamese AND Chinese than Chinatown L.A. And better chances of finding spots that use little or no chemicals in the food.

    I am not the typical “Westerner”. I have loved Asian Women all my Life; my favorites being Chinese and Vietnamese. Everything began with them anyway. I never ever name drop Japanese or Korean anything except food. My step mother was mixed Chinese and Vietnamese. My dad was Irish. and my real mother is full blooded Native American Indian. So I am half Irish and half Lakoda Sioux Crow. I have always exclusively dated outside the white race, never finding white girls attractive. I feel mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally attracted to Asian women. No one taught me this. No stereotypes apply. And I do push this agenda heavily in the lyrics to my songs (yes I do trance, hard rock, alternative, and industrial outside my day job under pseudonym.)

    I hate ignorance with a below zero tolerance attitude. Speaking of which, I remember an Amped Asia post about this dumb indi band who did a song called “Asian Girl” and how utterly angry it made me and how disgusting the lyrics and the crappy music was. I am still plotting a full-on article to submit to Amped Asia in the future countering those idiots with how to write a REAL SONG of poetic depth to God’s gift to mankind: Asian Goddesses: both flaws and perfections. I want the article to have video commentary as well as mp3 song clips of my own in addition to the textual content. If AA publishes it, it will lay a lot of trolling and online drama across multiple sites across the board to rest forever.

    I personally don’t see the struggle of Asian Men. I think they are very stand up guys. They seem very ethical, logical, and confident. I say this as a general statement of my view point regardless of what site I post this on knowing there is no way to cover every single person or case.

    Very well-written article. Looking forward to future publishings.

    P.S. As much as I push WM/AF pairings in my music (no different than hip hop pushing their ideal pairings in their music, of course), the following statement below is meant out of the sincerest intent:

    ……if you are a white guy and do not share the real love AND understanding of an Asian girl’s culture and needs and only expect her to cater to yours or you think it an easy mark or you are a “fad player”, you do NOT represent what I nor other fellow gentleman are about. So, any poser white guys out there making us look like something the rest of us are NOT, do me a favor; STAY AWAY FROM THE DRAGON LILIES AND LOTUS FLOWERS. Go play around with Western girls. Leave the Asian/Native/Island/Mixed Goddesses for real men of any race; not boys. Fin.

    • Ravyn Skye

      Married to a Southern Viet man and PHỞ GÀ exists, lol.

  • hsuboi

    The writer of this article is a culturally entrenched, propaganda buying-in git…..might as well say,” all black dudes have an advantage in saying cuz they got huge schlongs and a hyper-sexual beastial image.

  • Nick

    What is this bullshit? Actually, Asian men have none advantage in dating, sad for you guys but it’s true.

  • International Observer

    None of these 10 traits are advantages for dating in North America, they’re mostly liabilities.

  • Plague

    This is fucking bullshit lol. None of these are actual advantages. No girl ever said “omg he knows all the traditional places to eat at! Hot!”

  • Samuel Widjaja

    I love No.9 we age like wine and that so true!

  • 영샤나

    Totally love how black girls aren’t mentioned even once…

  • Ravyn Skye

    White woman married to an Asian man here and OMG JUST NOOOOOOOOOO. NOOOOOO on every. single. level. Most of these boil down to ‘make yourself really exotic so you can be her personal rare pokemon’… Oh, and you probably have money, so lucky for you, you’ll attract all those gold diggers. Kinda weird, slightly offensive, tbh.

    Literally “be every stereotype you can, be nerdy, know the food, know the culture, be exotic to be ‘interesting’, and have money’… What about Asians who were adopted by white people? Do they just loose out?

    Oh, and ‘good manners’ are relative. Spitting out fish bones is fine for Chinese people. White people are going to be like, ‘OMGWTFBBQ?!?’ Slurping noodles is basically REQUIRED for Asians, especially Japanese and Koreans. White people are grossed out by it. Sniffing rather than blowing your nose is ‘polite’ in Japan, as is lying about your ‘true feelings’ to maintain a comfortable social atmosphere, whereas white people would find sniffing over and over to be gross, just walk away and blow your nose dude… what are you doing?!? And as for lying about a deeply held belief, that’s NOT OKAY, polite disagreement is more acceptable than being ‘two faced’. This is just… wow.

  • tazo157

    Thank you for supporting Asian men. You’re the best.