Watch an Infuriating Clip Where Steve Harvey Disses Asian Men

Here comes Steve Harvey again causing a racial shit storm again. This time around it wasn’t because he couldn’t read, nor understand the layout of the cue card. More so mocking Asian Men. One of my favorite reads, Angry Asian Man (If you haven’t subscribed yet to them, please do) got the clip.


I too share the same sentiment, with Angry Asian Man, about this. I’ve seen this book online on 4chan and on memes so many times before and just scoffed on the writer’s poor attempt to make money out of stereotypes. However this book being highlighted on national TV on a humor segment robs Asian men by reinforcing stereotypes. He didn’t even bother just staying on topic on just white women, he had to throw his own spin with in with Black Women “I don’t eat what I can’t pronounce.” bit.

If you want to read more into this, go check out Angry Asian Man’s blog post here.

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  • okiwa002

    I am not Asian myself, but I am still infuriated nonetheless. Steve Harvey has no reason to make fun of anyone. Not too long ago, Black men were the butt of jokes (and still are!). Just because a food is something he cannot pronounce does not mean it is not delicious, either. We all have something unique to bring to the table as men, and as people, in general. Steve Harvey should have exercised his right to remain silent, rather than spew racist invective. Now he has alienated his Asian fans and made me not like him… but he only has his big mouth to blame for that!!