Heather Lovelee: The Secret to Getting Her Attention

Photos by: Bryan Miraflor

Are you single or taken?

I am currently talking to someone right now. So I would definitely consider myself as taken.

If taken, tell us why your partner is the perfect one for you?

My guy is such a nice, sweet and genuine person who is always spoiling me with food! Lol,
he just knows the way to my


Have you ever made the first move on a guy? If so tell us how it happened.

I was hosting at a club one night and there was this guy that I swear I’ve seen at my university before. I had a few drinks and felt pretty that night so I just thought I’d go up to him and say hi and start up a conversation. I NEVER DO THIS but something in me just told me I should man up and so I did.

What’s the #1 problem with dating in this day and age?

In my opinion, I think the problem is that guys/girls move too fast. I like to take things nice and slow. ;)


What’s something you’d want your (current or future) man to wear to look his best? Get specific =)

I think its hot when a man wears a pair of dark jeans with a nice blazer and simple white tee under. Something about it is just so sexy and masculine. giving him my number that night but we somehow linked up again and he’s been keeping a smile on my face since

Personality is obviously the most important thing about a man, but what’s the most important after that for you? Looks or money?

Oh man. That’s a tough one. If I have to choose between looks or money, I’d go with looks. It’s important to me that I am physically attracted to him along with other sparks and connections.


If a guy were to approach you, what should he say to you?

Just say hi and start a casual conversation. DON’T get awkward.

What aspects of a guy get your attention?

I love a guy with a great smile but a sense of humor to go along with it is perfect.


If you were on a date, what are 3 things you’d want a guy to be able to talk about?

His goals in life, what he wants out of a relationship, and what’s most important
to him. I think those three things define so much in a man and you can basically tell by his response of how that date is going to go.

Is it more important for a guy to be good in bed or good at conversation?

I’d have to go with good conversation. I want to be able to carry out a conversation with him and have good laughs. You don’t have to be a smooth talker, just someone that is fun to talk to. We can work on the bed part after ;)


Plan out your ideal first date. Where would you go and what would you do?

We can go kayaking or white water rafting and then grab a bite to eat somewhere.
If dinner goes smoothly, we can go to the beach at night and take a nice stroll along the coast. Its so perfect and romantic.

Which would be worse — never having sex the rest of your life or never eating food the rest of your life (you would get nutrients through other means so you would still be alive)?

LOL oh my gosh! Hands down it would definitely be worse to never be able to eat food the rest of my life. I love food too much to let that one go. Just think about all the hot pot, bubble tea, chinese food, pho, and bbq that you’d be missing out on!


If you went lesbian, which girl would you go for?

I wouldn’t. Guys are just too damn sexy…but if I had to decide, I’d say Jessica Alba.

Where can we find you online?

Instagram and FB @Heatherlovelee

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