Dubai Is Getting Chinese Flying Cars

Well, it’s not necessarily Jetson’s flying cars, but more like flying drone taxis. Ehang a Chinese drone company is providing the city of Dubai the first flying taxi service.


Mattar al-Tayer, the head of Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Agency, announced that in July the EHang 184 will provide flying taxi service in the city during the World Government Summit. The 184 can carry one person and luggage for 30 minutes in a single charge. Dubai being a fairly small city, it can reach from one dock to another with ease.

The 184 was debut last year at CES and it sparked conversation on the future of smart travel. Since it doesn’t have an onboard pilot; people are a bit concerned of what might happened if the aircraft experiences difficulty. But Ehang assures its riders that it is safe and it is closely monitored by ground control.

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