Ashley Vee Stuns in Amped Asia Vol. 18

Welcome to 2016, Amped Asia fans.

Every year we go through a couple changes, and this year we decided we want to be more consistent.

Ashley Vee

So our publication calendar will provide you guys 8 issues every year. In return, we also promise to try and print more issues. We’ve had a ton of requests for our print issues, and we want to make sure that we deliver. So this is the year that print subscriptions might be coming back.

In this issue we finally got to shoot the lovely Ashley Vee as our cover model. It’s also the debut issue of our new photographer, Jmar. He’s been KILLING it with the photos lately, and these two sets he shot for us are no different. As usual we also have goodness from Leo Trajano.

One interesting thing to note is there are ZERO pictorials by me this issue. I’m moving on from the majority of the photography work for Amped Asia and letting our awesome photography staff make it happen. I’ll still shoot from time to time, but most of the time I’ll be running Amped Asia from behind the scenes.

Enjoy, and see you guys next month. – Kevin “Hype” Tang

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