Women: 10 Powerful Ways to Attract Men

Steven Lin gives girls 10 ways to make themselves more attractive to the men and have more options in their dating lives.
Take control of your dating life and embrace these attributes (to the best of your ability) to start dating the men of your dreams and to simply empower yourself as a woman.

10) Be Playful
Guys love girls that they can joke around with. Most guys want girls who don't take themselves too seriously because this makes guys more comfortable. Start giving guys a few playful punches to the arm, a tussling of the hair, a poke in the waist, etc. Knowing how to playfully flirt and how to use a sarcastic tone well is very key in developing a fun personality that will cause guys to feel attraction for you. If you can take a playful insult and maybe deliver a few playful insults of your own, you'll be well on your way to magnetize men.

9) Smell Good
Your breath and your perfume are absolutely crucial. Bad breath on girls is probably one of the biggest things that can completely turn off a man and I've had a lot of prior experience. Body odor is just as bad. Although it sounds cliched that I'm telling you to keep your breath fresh and your perfume handy, this is actually a very important aspect of your hygiene that you need to MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU CONTROL. I once met a really cute girl but once I smelled her absolutely RANCID breath I just cringed and got out of that situation.

8) Be Feisty
Feisty girls are girls that don't let guys take control of them. Guys love what they can't have easily, and having a little bit of fesity attitude helps. Of course you've got to gauge the guy, because there are some guys who absolutely hate feistiness. Most of these guys have some kind of issues with self-esteem or control, and thus, probably not worth your time. Do not let him have what he wants ALL the time; instead show him that you are going to make some choices. However, DO NOT be domineering or try to be the boss. Men need a certain level of control and they need to validate themselves as manly men.

7) Look Good
Guys are very unlike girls. A majority of our attraction comes from how a girl looks. Some of you may be thinking, "But what if I don't already look good?" There's hope for you ladies. Unlike guys, you have makeup and clothes that help A LOT. I've seen time and time again that makeup can completely reivent a person's look. Invest a little money and time on learning how to dress well + plus look good. Get that gym membership and start dieting if you're not happy with your body.

6) Teach him something
It is very attractive if a girl can teach something well, especially if it's something that may interest us. For example, if you can teach a musical instrument or a sport (think female-oriented sports like tennis and volleyball). This also allows for you two to have a new mutual interest and mutual activity. If you don't have anything that you could teach, you also should think about evaluating your life. Do you have a well-balanced life full of interesting things or are you boring and one-dimensional?

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