Vicky Huynh, Dallas’s Hottest Babe

Vicky is one of the most popular girls in Dallas. She’s well known as one of the city’s most popular Asian girls, and we got the chance to do her first real photoshoot. Even though it was Vicky’s first time doing a photo shoot, she definitely had the looks and body to pull it off. She also has an amazing attitude and was extremely fun to shoot and interview. Enjoy the interview and the photo shoot.

Picture of the sexy Dallas model Vicky Huynh Please tell a little bit of background information about yourself.
Vicky Huynh: I’m Vietnamese! I waitress at a restaraunt called The Boiling Crab. I’m sure everyone knows what that place is and if you dont, you’re missing out on LIFE! I have a evil, identical clone. Emphasis on the word evil. I’m kidding. But I do have a twin sister and a brother. I lived in Dallas my whole entire life. I go to school right now and studying to be a Database Administrator! Where do you see yourself in the modeling/entertainment industry?
V: If you ask my sister, I’ve wanted to do modeling since i was like, 13! And i went to one car show for fun and a lot of people wanted to do shoots with me after that. But, turned down a lot of requests bc school has kept me too busy.. So as you can tell by the picture! this is my first time and loved it! Hope to do more in the future.

Vicky Huynh Amped Asia What do you want to be your career?
V: I want to pursue computer science and become a DBA for a big company. Sounds cubically boring, I know. But hey, it interests me! What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
V: I tore the “do not remove” tag off my matress What’s one thing that your parents don’t know about you?
V: They definitely dont know I do THIS! Keeping it that way! Asian parents… if you’re not a doctor, you’re a failure! Okay, maybe not that intense. What are your passions or hobbies?
V: I use to looveee just going out and having fun with my friends but now im in the zone with school so not much i’ve just been staying home and studying. I know, boring! Who’s your celebrity crush?
V: I am in LOVE with… Miranda Kerr.. The Victoria’s Secret model. If you dont know who i’m talking about, look her up… You’ll fall in love. Currently, are you single or taken?
V: I am happily taken. Trying the long distance relationship thing, which i thought i’d NEVER do. It’s going pretty darn well!

Vicky Huynh Amped Asia What kind of traits do you like in a potential partner?
V: I think… definitely just the feeling of being taken care of. Before my current boyfriend, the guys I dated were children. I know it seems a lot.. but I mean if you REALLY love them, it should come naturally that you’d do anything to keep em smiling, right? What are your biggest turn-offs?
V: I hate facial hair! It makes guys look scruffy as heck! Where can we find you online?
V: I am on ModelMayhem and also facebook. That’s all i can really handle at the moment! Look me up!


Vicky Huynh Amped Asia

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  • Asian Power

    Vicky is a hottie!

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    My God. I want to be a DBA too LOL

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    FAILED with missing Nail LMAO

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    i’d hit that

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    Hottest model in this mag