Top 10 Asian Youtubers You Have to Watch

When it comes to making a name of yourself, you must have the spark to make you recognizable. Thanks to Youtube, Asians are on their way to achieve success with a click of a red button on their video cameras. Without further ado, here are AmpedAsia’s Top 10 Youtube Stars to Watch in no particular order:

Charice – Artist

At first glance, Charice looks like any other teenager: pretty, petite and filled with non stop energy. But when the 17-year old opens her mouth to sing; the audience are blown away by her voice. And at 13 million hits and counting on YouTube, this is just the beginning of Charice’s journey to rising stardom.

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Legaci – Artist

Legaci is a Filipino American R&B band from San Francisco, California. Its original members consisted of Mathew Arcilla (guitar/vocals), Jason Atencion (vocals), John Daria (vocals), and Micah Tolentino (guitar/keyboard/vocals). Currently only Arcilla, Daria, and Tolentino is the current lineup as Atension is out due to health issues. They are currently the backup singers for Canadian Pop-R&B singer Justin Bieber for his “My World Tour.”

With their soothing vocal abilities, they can become one of the top Asian American R&B group.

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Jeremy Magnondo aka Passion – Artist

Jeremy Manongdo, a R&B artist whose calm and soothing vocals have made him pretty popular throughout the San Francisco and Bay Area. His talents ranges from singing, to writing songs, and playing the guitar and piano. It is a no brainer that his fan base has stretched beyond California’s borders, including the U.S and Youtube.

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J. Reyez – Artist

J.Reyez (real name Justin) is on his way to become the next Asian rapper since Jin. Born in Seoul and raised in Canada, it is hard to believe that his talent stretches more than just singing and rapping. Moreover, he is multi-talented. His “resume” of skills consists of writing lyrics, recording, performing live, producing, mixing and mastering songs, directing and editing videos, photography, and graphic designing. What an impressive resume!

View JReyez Youtube

rlaehddnjs – Artist

What first started as a hobby singing songs from his all-time favorite singer Mariah Carey in his music studio has made him famous on Youtube for his funny “jibberish” English speaking accent. You might not comprehend what he’s saying, but because of his accent, he has become the next William Hung, but the Korean version of him.

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From the editor-in-chief. Amped Asia magazine is the lifestyle magazine for the modern Asian man.

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Top 10 Asian Youtubers You Have to Watch

David Choi from WongFu Production – Artist

A Korean native of Los Angeles, California, David Yong Choi, is a musician, singer, songwriter, and Youtube video producer whose songs has been featured in various TV broadcast channels such as NBC, ABC, MTV, and VH1 just to name a few. He has also worked on several online campaigns for JC Penny and Starburst. Moreover, he has released his self-produce album, “Only You”. On YouTube, he has over 360,000 subscribers and over 63,000,000 total video views. It is great to see that another Asian American is conquering the American market.

View David Choi’s Youtube

Michelle Phan aka Rice Bunny – Makeup Guru

In the convenience of our own room, we no longer need to leave the comfort of our own home to seek beauty advice. We must honestly say we owe it all to the makeup gurus of Youtube such as Michelle Phan aka RiceBunny for the tips/techniques for making our life a lot easier. Sorry ladies and gentlemens, we are not born perfect!

View Michelle Phan’s Youtube

Bubzbeauty – Makeup Guru

BubzBeauty is another one of the Asian make-up artists on YouTube, although she isn’t as popular as Michelle Phan subscriber-wise. She has a sweet and cute personality and her makeup tips are top notch. Definitely check out her channel.

View Bubzbeauty’s Youtube

TimothyDeLaGhetto – Comedian

When it comes to making a fool of yourself, no one does it better than TimothyDeLaGhetto. A Thai native of Long Beach, California, he is a comedian, rapper, songwriter, and film maker. Famous for his hilarious video clips on Youtube featuring his friends and girlfriend, he has over 530,000 subscribers and over 137 million views. Nothing is better than including your father in your videos!

View Timothy’s Youtube

HappySlip – Comedian

Christine Gambito aka HappySlip on Youtube is an American and Fliipino Internet personality, actress, and comedian. She also sings and plays the piano and guitar. Her fanbase spans as far as the Phillippines that she was appointed the ambassador for Phillippine tourism by the Department of Tourism. That is quite a journey since making comedy stetches on Youtube. As she explains that the word “HappySlip” is the expression to what she would like people to feel when they watch her videos, she definitely is “slipping us into happiness” while watching her videos!

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From the editor-in-chief. Amped Asia magazine is the lifestyle magazine for the modern Asian man.