The Asian Jersey Shore: K-Town

K-Town is a new reality television show featuring Asians in very compromising situations. Check out our commentary.
A few years ago there was buzz about the K-town reality show - the Asian version of Jersey Shore. It appeared for a while that it wasn't going to get picked-up, but lo and behold, they ended up releasing it anyway on Youtube.
I'm a little late on the news since they've already released 7 episodes but I have to say... this show is addicting! It's kind of interesting how they are showing Asians in a completely new (although slightly negative) light.

Unfortunately, the hottest two members of the cast ended up dropping out, Peter Le and Jennifer Fields. That kinda sucks. But overall, I'm really enjoying each character and how they relate with each other. My favorite is definitely Scarlet. She's the one who brings the drama, and she is also completely uncensored. (Check out this interview where she talks about her vibrator and being an exotic dancer).

Partying k-Town
My least favorite is Jowe. He's got this insanely creepy vibe about him... Just watch the episodes, you'll pick up on it. Plus he really thinks he's cute but he's not. Peter was a way better looking dude and probably would have been a better cast member (Jowe replaced Peter on the show).

The other girls and guys are great too. Jasmine is fun. Steve is hilarious. Young is innocent. Violet is dumb & slutty. It's great.

Anyways, check out the episodes for yourself below. Episodes 1-7 have been released so far, and stay tuned for more.

Start watching K-Town now!



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