Throwback: Lisa Kim Fleming

This is an article in our “throwback series.” We originally interviewed Lisa Kim Fleming back in 2009.

Can you give a brief background about yourself.

Lisa Kim Fleming: I’m Korean/Caucasian. Originally from Sacramento, California. Now I reside in Orange County. I’ve been modeling for about 4 years.

Have you always wanted to be a model?

Lisa Kim Fleming: Yup. I always wanted to model. Ever since I could talk I would say I want to be a model when I grow up.

So then what first got you into import modeling?

Lisa Kim Fleming: Some of my first friends I made when I first moved to SoCal were in the import industry. Although I started off mainstream modeling and had a couple modeling agencies, I had my friends that had gigs left and right for me in the import industry. So choosing if I want to go to a casting call and might not get the job, or do you want to take this gig that wants you already, so I ended up straying more towards the import industry.

Lisa Kim Fleming

Whats the good and bad of the import industry?

The good of the import industry is, well for me I love the whole environment from the cars, to the entertainment, to the girls. We are all like a big family. The bad, well, probably because it is so small of an industry, it takes a lot to keep it going, as far as shows, companies, etc. Especially with recession. Everyone in this industry is definitley a hustler in their own way.

Is there drama between import models?

There’s drama between any females, but as far as import models, yeah I’m sure there is. Somebody is always talking about someone or hatin’ on someone, but that’s normal. Girls competing with eachother will result to drama sometimes. I don’t listen to it, and if it comes my way, I ignore it and don’t even talk to anyone who wants to create or even stir up drama. I’m the LEAST person that will be involved with drama only because I have better things to do than worry about irrelevant things. I’m here to do one thing and that’s my career. If it doesn’t involve me and my career and how to expand my worth then I could care less.

Lisa Kim Fleming

In your opinion, what sets you apart from other import models?

Well I won’t speak on behalf of what other import models are like but as far as how I am, I’m plain and simple REAL! What you see is what you get. I’m blunt and honest. I’m very down to earth and love to meet people. Although I do HATE fake people. Only because I never understand why certain people try to act like someone their not, or why they try to impress people. To me, this is me, i’m not going to act or change anything. I have a huge heart :). When I care for someone I really truly care for them, that’s why my closest friends I can count on 1 hand, and my family is my number 1.

Are you currently looking to expand into other fields besides modeling? Acting or TV hosting perhaps?

Yeah for sure. I think some kind of hosting to where I can bring out my own personality. I’m not a fan of acting, so if anything it’d be more hosting.

Lisa Kim Fleming

On your bio it says you did an E reality show. What show was it and what was your part in it?

lol, that was my first show that lead me to move to so cal. It was a reality show called “Fight For Fame”. It was actors and actresses competing to win a contract with an agency. I only did it to get exposure since I don’t act. LOL I was one of the 5 to be on the show.

Did it end up airing? I’ve never heard of that show before.

It was aired in 2006 I believe, damn, don’t google it, haha i’m not worried, i don’t think you can find clips, but I heard they were playing re-runs of it in Canada. Someone facebooked me from Canada saying they just saw it.

What is a typical day and typical night for you?

A typical day for me, if I am not traveling all over the world for gigs , then I am at home probably updating my site or photoshopping pics or working on Inspired Models, my new model management company i’m starting up. A typical night for me, well I use to be the life of the party lol but i’m kind of over partying now. I was so flooded with parties and drinks that I began to hate it. My life and work started evolving around partying so now I just like to hang out with my close friends and have a glass of wine here and there.

Lisa Kim Fleming

That’s good, so you’re not going out getting drunk every night.

Lol no way! But don’t get me wrong, hahaha I had those days, but doesn’t everybody.

Have you ever gotten plastic surgery? If so where?

I’m blunt and honest :) only my breasts.

Yeah that seems the norm for import models. Getting new boobs.

Lol I got mine when I was still living in Sacramento though. Before I started modeling.

Lisa Kim Fleming

Haha, investment for the future then.

Lol whether I modeled or not, I would get them for myself.

What size did you go from and what size are you now?

Hmmm I was like a small b to a full c.

Right now, are you single or taken?

Taken :)

Oooh la la.

This is the first site for me to say that on. Actually cause I haven’t been asked since I have been “taken.”

Lisa Kim Fleming

So tell us about what kind of man you usually like to date.

I like a manly man. One that has a good heart. Same morals and values in life. Goal oriented. Gotta be driven. Treats me like a queen so I can treat him like a king. I feel it has to be equal in a relationship. You do your part and I will do mine. Ethnicity, I don’t think is too big of an issue. Although I am more interested in the Asian culture. My bf is Taiwanese.

Okay let us know what sites you want to plug.

Ok here’s my website and Twitter. Facebook just search Lisa Kim Fleming and join my fan page!

Lisa Kim Fleming

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  • JackChin

    Happy to see that this half-Korean girl has no problems dating an Asian guy.

  • Terri Linne

    I guess you could have been taken by me 2years ago, Lisa, but I am here living in a PoDunk city just west of the mississippi river and I Really enjoyed reading Lisa’s comments, . AMPEDASIA knows what to ask for sure. Y’all should know that I’ve got a little bit of Asia in me too, I am a White Dragon tea addict and my head is in the clouds. I am a longer hair guy that looks like a model these days, I am taking much better photos of me that shows off my fine body. Liked Asian women since High School now I am 29, that might say somethin bout me