Get Over It!

Are you still not over your ex? Do you still want to get in a relationship with a person who obviously doesn't feel the same way? Here are 10 tips to get over it.
A relationship has turned sour? You have a huge crush on your best friend that doesn't reciprocate those feelings? These types of situations hurt men and women, but without being able to move on you risk getting depression, missing out on the right person, and having fun without a significant other. So how do you get over it?

10) Erase that person completely
Get rid of everything that reminds you of that person. If they are your friend then stop hanging out with them. This means get rid of SNs on AIM, e-mails, pictures, etc. Every time you see them you will be reminded of how much you like that person. It might be painful, but it's going to be for the best.

9) Get a hobby
So the time you guys spent together (if you did spend time together) is now free. Take your mind off romantic things and go out and find something you can do. When I was getting over my ex-girlfriend I actually started working on my love life (which became a hobby of sorts).

8) Listen to music or watch movies
There are a lot of movies and music that deal with a person dealing with a break-up. These movies almost always help my mood, at least temporarily. I like the song Over You by Daughtry. For movies, I recommend checking out Definitely, Maybe and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. AVOID Korean dramas and drama series in general because these types of media tend to make you fall deeper in love.

7) Tell someone about it
You don't want to keep it bottled up inside. The more people that you tell, the more you'll feel better. People who've experienced the same things are great to relate to because it helps you realize that you aren't the only person who has suffered through this kind of thing. Everyone has.

6) Tell yourself you have value
You are a special person. Why do you need them around? You bring so much value to this world that you are bound to find someone who can share that with you. Bring this mentality to your head and you'll realize that they weren't so great after all.

5) Improve yourself
You are probably a pretty cool person, but there are things you can do to improve yourself. Go to the gym and work out. Create a business idea and try to profit from it. Improve your studies if you're a student.

4) Meet new people
Go do activities that will help you meet new people. Look to do some volunteering or even just head out to the club with a bunch of your buddies. Be social and don't appear down. Your soulmate might just be around the corner.

3) Think about it realistically
Is this person really who you want to spend your life with? If Jessica Alba or Hyori Lee came into your life right now and wanted you would you still even care about this person (choose some hot male celebrity if you're a girl). The answer is a resounding no. Don't put them on a pedestal.

2) Get Sexual
Having a rebound is not always a bad thing. It can give you some temporary pleasure and it will definitely take your mind off things.

1) Date More
The more people you've dated, the less likely you will have problems getting over certain people. If you've had 100 girlfriends then would you be having this problem? No, because you know that you have value to the opposite sex, therefore you are the prize.



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