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Evelyn Lin is our 2012 cover model, and she’s smoking hot. We had a really awesome and juicy interview, and you’ll have to scroll down to check it out. Does she look familiar? Yes. She’s a pornstar, and a very famous one too. (Check out her site – 18+) I know you’ve already answered this many times, but for the viewers of AmpedAsia tell us how did you get into porn?
Evelyn Lin: When I was 18, I wanted to get into import modeling. I met a “photographer” on Myspace and he had shot photos for a girl I knew, and they came out great.

We did a couple of photo shoots and he asked me if I was comfortable with doing nudes, which I was.

He told me that a lot of import models make sort of a name for themselves doing a little pornography. I love sex and so I didn’t see anything wrong with doing and getting paid for it. I realized after my first week in porn that this guy was a complete fraud and lying about the import scene but I decided that I liked shooting porn so I stuck with it. So why were you okay with doing nudes and then porn?
Evelyn Lin: I guess I’ve just always been very comfortable with my sexuality.

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Sponsor: Mike Chang, Six Pack Shortcuts I know that your parents were probably critical of your career choice. How did you break it to them that you did porn and how did they react?
Evelyn Lin: My dad found out via an online Chinese entertainment website and took it pretty hard. However, he told me that I was old enough to make my old decisions. My mom doesn’t know. Is it weird knowing that perhaps some of your guys friends have watched you have sex?
Evelyn Lin: It is a little strange but, as long as it doesn’t change out friendship, what they do in their spare time is up to them. Everyone fantasizes but it’s what you do that matters. According to your website, you had a rough start in porn, what exactly happened during your “rough start”?
Evelyn Lin: I was referring to the photographer that got me started in pornography. He also acted as my “manager” and wanted a 25% commission for all the shoots that he booked me for. The standard rate in the adult industry is 10-15% so when I realized this, I fired him. He ended up taking me to court but lost, fortunately. Also he was just creepy in general, always trying to get me to do “practice shoots” with him. You studied communications in college. Is there any plans to do something related to that or will you stick to porn for now?
Evelyn Lin: I do plan to use my degree but as for right now, I’m just shooting porn. Porn is actually my comfort zone right now and I’m working on expanding that to a “real” career.  My goal is to do something in public relations or marketing. While my degree helps, I feel like I’ve learned a lot about those two fields marketing and networking myself in porn and I’d like to put those skills to use.

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