Donnah Pham

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Donnah Pham is currently one of the most sought after import models in the scene. Although she lives in Canada, we recently got a chance to interview her when she came to visit us in Texas. We talked about her modeling career, the traits she likes in a man, and other various interesting tidbits!

She was so good in fact, that we had to feature her as our September 2013 cover model. Make sure to check out the free issue to see more pictures of the gorgeous Donnah Pham.

Donnah Pham Amped Asia

Oh yeah, make sure to check out her super sexy video below.

What is your ethnicity?
I am Vietnamese and also have a quarter French in me.

How did you begin modeling?
I started about a year ago. My friend had a cousin who wanted to do a photoshoot with me, and then I started going to a lot of photoshoots. I eventually got discovered in Toronto and then flew back and forth from there to Winnipeg.

What’s a typical day like for you?
My parents own a nail salon, so I usually help a bit. Then I do my own nails. Then I just go home and rest. I’m on summer break right now, but usually I go to school, which starts in 2 weeks. I’m at the University of Manitoba.

What are your hobbies?
I dance with a Vietnamese cultural association. So I practice and do events for that.

How serious are you about modeling?
I really want to get further in modeling. It’s a dream I’ve had for a while.

What styles do you usually model?
Usually lingerie. Sometimes fashion, but it’s really different. I have to do weird positions. Like “zombie position.”

Currently are you taken or single?
I am happily taken!

What are the traits that you like in a man?
Someone who can make me laugh for sure. Someone who’s like me, someone who has similar traits. I like a bigger guy. I’m super small so a lot of guys are bigger than me. I like muscles.

What are your biggest turn-ons and turn-offs?
For turn-offs, if you aren’t clean and you’re dirty. And for turn-ons just if you’re good looking!

Any final message?
I love you guys in Texas, ya’ll are awesome. Thanks for the support.

Where can we catch you online?
You can find me on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.


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    You know, I am very critical of white girls; especially blonds. But here’s another example of why Asian Women (Especially Vietnamese and Chinese) are the perfect Goddesses of the world. They can even make BEING BLOND WORK! I still maintain that hair colour and makeup is unnecessary. When you are created as a Living piece of Shangri~la, what mortal device can compensate otherwise? No wonder my trancy prog rock song sums it up perfectly: A.phrodite S.ensual I.ncognito A.mrita N.octurnal S.eductresses. And luckily, this Irish Injun’s own Shangri~Bride is BOTH Vietnamese and Chinese, for truly blessed is any man who has an Asian Soul Mate. FIN.

  • Juhee Kim

    I think she looks gorgeous as a blonde!

  • LesleyHoward

    i think she looks like a thai shemale.  you guys dont see this.  Def. not my type.  and im pretty sure she has no french in her whatsoever.  how can she be a quarter french when she is obviously 1st Gen Viet/Canadian.


    • qq

      Hater much?

      She can be quarter French because she is not Ethnically Canadian.

      If you need someone to break this concept down further for you…

      Her mother is full Vietnamese. Ethnically.

      Her father is Half French, Half Vietnamese. Ethnically.

      She is Canadian, but she is not “ethnic” Canadian. (If that even exists.)

      Ethnic Canadian would technically be English.