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Do Asian Women Prefer White Men?

Steven Lin is an Asian dating consultant based in New York City. He is the author of the dating book, Advanced Asian.

It’s common to hear Asian men complain that Asian women prefer White men, or that certain girls only date White men. This topic has been debated on for years, and my article will not prove things one way or the other. However, I do have some logical arguments for why I believe that the vast majority of Asian women actually DO NOT prefer White men.

First I’ll say that there are going to be a percentage of women (not just Asian) that do prefer to date white men. But this also doesn’t mean that she will exclusively date White men. Being white to these women is just a preference. Just like for some men, they may have a preference for large breasts. But like a man who has a preference for large breasts, a woman can overlook this preference if other criteria are met. Also a great number of women who have exclusively dated White men just haven’t even met enough Asian men (there is only a 6% population of Asians in the USA after all). If you moved her to Asia, would she still have these preferences? It’s hard to tell.

The next thing I want to look at is the number of Asian women (who have had over three partners) that have exclusively dated White men. This percentage is incredibly low, and while I don’t have an exact percentage, I have talked to and discussed this issue with numerous Asian women across the United States and the world. Most Asian women who have dated White men have also dated an Asian man. This proves that you can’t simply say an Asian woman has a “preference” for a White man just because she is dating a White man.

Next, I’ll speak about the total amount of Asian women in the States who have dated a White male. This is a large percentage, but it reflects the fact that there are more White men in the states than Asian men. Similarly, you’d find that in Asia, there is an equally high percentage of White females who have immigrated there to be dating Asian men. This makes sense because Asian women have a bigger pool to choose from that are White, and therefore, for desirable Asian females, they will choose the most desirable mate.

To illustrate my last point. Let’s pretend that there is a pool of 100 men and 94 of these men are White (or if you prefer to be more similar to the demographics of the states, non-Asian). A mere 6 of these men are Asian. An Asian female must go into this pool to choose a mate. The chances are that the higher quality men are in the group of non-Asians. This is an illustration of the demographics of the United States. Only 6% of the population in the States is Asian. Sometimes a woman may have grown up in a town where there was only one or two other Asian families. The natural choice there, is to go with a White man or a man of another race.

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The conclusion is this. Humans are evolutionary creatures. We do mate based on certain desirable traits. It’s not that Asian men don’t have these traits. It’s just that there’s not enough of Asian men in the States. Therefore, it’s not that Asian women prefer White men, it’s just that they prefer to date the man with the better and more desirable traits.

Zhang Ziyi isn’t dating Vivi because he’s white. It’s because he has desirable traits. In this case, wealth.

So what does this mean for Asian men?

First of all, stop complaining. There are going to be Asian female, White male couples. Just like there will be some Asian male, White female couples (rising numbers in fact). By complaining, you are declaring yourself weaker or inferior to someone who is white. Stop this thinking.

You need to instead, decide how you can improve yourself. More game. More guts. More wealth even. You need to learn how to connect with a woman, to create deeper attraction. Instead, most of you are simply saying, “I Give Up! White guys are always going to be better than me.” Don’t do this. I want to recommend checking out my book, Advanced Asian, for some further help specifically targeted towards Asian men.

Of course, there is another argument in favor of the fact that Asian women prefer White men. It’s that overall, Asian men are just less desirable than other races. So this statement arguing that if there was a group of 100 men, 50 Asian men and 50 White men, the White men will have more desirable evolutionary traits. I will talk about this argument in my next segment, “Are Asian Men Less Desirable?”

And remember, if you’re an Asian man who needs help with dating and you still haven’t read my book, Advanced Asian, pick it up. It will absolutely transform your dating life or your money back.

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Steven Lin

Steven Lin

My name is Steven Lin and I'm a dating consultant and columnist. I created "Advanced Asian" -- a dating and seduction guide aimed at Asian men.

  • YourHusband

    “Of course, there is another argument in favor of the fact that Asian women prefer White men. It’s that overall, Asian men are just less desirable than other races. So this statement arguing that if there was a group of 100 men, 50 Asian men and 50 White men, the White men will have more desirable evolutionary traits. I will talk about this argument in my next segment, “Are Asian Men Less Desirable?””

    actually, asian men who are good looking are considered attractive to most non-asian men. this is especially true in the eyes of asian women, which is why the most attractive asian women generally end up with attractive asian men. keep in mind that the average man of any race isn’t particularly desirable or special. for example, most white men are actually pretty ugly, so that goes against the notion that they have more desirable traits. asian women would consider a good looking asian male as superior to all white men in the group.

    • YourHusband

      i meant superior to most non-asian men

  • heywillyouhuggleme

    he has a point though, most asian women aren’t exactly attractive or desirable themselves, and the few that are always go for asian men who also have those characteristics. and there certainly is a phenomenon of ugly asian women having low self-esteem and not getting respect or attention from men of their own race.

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  • HeyWife

    actually attractive asian women always for go asian men. chances are those women aren’t actually attractive. let’s do a test: do you think Lucy Liu is attractive? if you do, then you probably have bad taste in asian women, and those women that you saw are actually not attractive.

  • randomboy

    truth is, asian women are genetically wired to find good looking asian men more attractive than any white man. this is why you never see attractive asian women dating or married to white men, they all go for high quality asian men.

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  • T

    I disagree that most people don’t see color in dating. I know white, black and indian girls who only want to date Asian men and I know Taiwanese, Korean and Chinese girls in Asia who only want to date white men. To be honest as someone of mixed Asian European heritage (yeah my moms asian and my dads white bla bla bla, typical story) I do find that non Asian girls who approach me have this obsession with Asian culture and men. They go to all the Asian boybands on tour and openly admit they prefer Asian men. While Asian girls tell me they prefer white men.

    Its ironic but white men prefer the delicate feminine features of Asian women and Asian women prefer the rugged masculine features of western men. Opposites truly do attract.

    I am half white but I do feel disconcerted that all the Asian women in my family are married to white men despite living in an Asian area and attending predominantly Asian universities. The Asian men are married to Asian or black women. And yeah I have found that being even half Asian is a complete turn off to a lot of girls. I think I am a good looking guy but even my less attractive Caucasian friends get more attention from girls.

    Living in England which does not have a large Asian population I do not blame people dating outside their race. I have dated a mixture of ethnicity’s. I know a British born Chinese girl who only wants to date Asian men and goes to Asian clubs to meet Asian men. Strangely nearly all the British born Chinese men are with Indian women and as far as my experience goes most of the girls who show interest in me are Indian.