Black Women for Asian Men

Is there a growing trend towards Black women loving Asian men and vice versa?

Dating interracially for Asian men, especially dating Blacks, has been a huge social stigma for many years. My parents, shame to admit, don’t want me to date Black girls. It’s not their fault, my parents definitely have been brainwashed by the media and such to think that Black people are all gangsters and thugs. They’ve grown up in a traditional Chinese household where they value the purity of our bloodline. Being raised in the States, I am very open to dating women of all races, although I admit I still haven’t dated a Black girl.

This trend first came to my attention first when I noticed a few sprinklings of Asian male/Black female portrayals in Hollywood. I think the first one I’ve ever seen was in Rumble in the Bronx when Jackie's uncle married a Black woman. I remember thinking to myself, wow that looks really silly.

I remember seeing Jet Li and Aaliyah in Romeo Must Die and thinking that they looked really good together. It was really a pity that they didn't give them a kiss scene (apparently it got edited out). At the time, America just wasn't ready for all that interracial action, and more importantly, America just wasn't ready to see an Asian man as being sexual.

More recently there's been an Asian male/Black female couple in the TV series Flashforward. John Cho playing Demetri, gets together with Gabrielle Union, who played Zoey. What I really liked was that Gabrielle was smoking hot in that series. So not only did the Asian guy date outside of his race, he also dated a smoking hot amazing woman. What's interesting to note is that there might be more Asian men/Black women couples than Asian men/White women couples in Hollywood. Looks like Hollywood is trying to push us Asian men in this direction.

I'm sure there have been others, but I can't think of them at the top of my head right now. Do you know of more couplings that I missed? (Tell me in the comments box)

While it was interesting to see a good number of Asian male, Black female couples in Hollywood, I’ve also noticed it a lot while I’m browsing Youtube. A search for “I Love Asian Guys” produced a lot of results from black women. Here are some black women who have made videos talking about how they love the Asian boys.

Frankly, I’m loving this new trend. Black girls are hot and Asian guys don’t get enough love. Like I said before, I’ve never dated a Black girl, but I’m very open to the idea.

So what do you think about this new trend? Write it in the comments below.

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  • Asian Power

    Love me some black women!

    • Jessica Meeks

      Love me some asian men!

  • Grr Fhawkyou

    the first girl was cute ill love to date you no matter what race you’re from

  • jluicifer

    It’s funny…One of my friend’s sisters (chinese) married a black guy. It was a big hooplah and almost destroyed the family. By the grace of God, the two sides of the family are really close knit now, which is pretty crazy considering the turmoil it once caused.

    b) out of all the interracial marriages, whites and hispanics lead the way with over 100,000 marriages in 2010. And of the least, blacks and asians round out the bottom with just 5500 — National Geographics.

    • AmpedAsiaKevin

      Interesting to hear that Blacks and Asians round out the bottom. I guess time will tell if there will be more Blasian couples in the future.

    • Open

      That is still a pretty big number for America. It does seem that this new love association may have wonderful outcomes. I feel so strongly as a black woman that we as black women can blossom under this union in so many ways. Too many to mention here. I also feel that Asian men can blossom here as well. Black women are loyal, devoted, industrious and beautiful, were a very colorful race of women and ready to partner with a man that can be trusted, who is emotionally and physically available.
      I think this  is good news and am looking to add to that statistic in marriage to an Asian man.

  • Katsumi Aiko Kitana

    its great 

  • Open

    As a black woman, I have always found Asian men attractive. Growing up I had a lot of Asian friends and seemed to connect really well with them and their culture. However, being that I was born in the 70’s, and not really knowing what to do with that, I never gave myself the opportunity to go for it. I am liking the fact that the younger generation is standing up and trying new options. I am at a point in my life were I am prime so I am very open to trying it again with a fresh perspective now that society has grown up a bit.

    Now that you mentioned it, hollyweird may be pushing Asian men in this direction to love black women? I don’t know if I see that. There still aren’t enough media to support this union. We see far more black men/white women unions than anything. My hope is that the American born Asian men can find peace and value in loving an educated, healthy, beautiful black woman and feel proud about it and not shame. One of the few reasons why I had never opened myself up to this union was due to the respect I have for Asian family values and understanding that family comes first. I never really though I would have a chance, and didn’t want to create pain for either one of us.

    In 2012 if by some chance that stigma can be over come, I would walk head first, heart second, soul third into a long term relationship with an Asian man.

    My question are America ready?
    Are Asian men ready?

    Good read.

    • christina

      In a way, parents of Asian men do have a huge part to play in their decisions.. Am I wrong? Many Asian parents want their sons to settle down with Asian girls. It may be why many Asian men don’t really commit to relationships with a black woman. (it is old fashioned, but it still goes on today).. 

  • Mistressinanna

    ur very pretty,  im sure you will get wat u want  n   hope u get a good one that rocks ur world !!!

  • Spencer Kuo

    As an asian man that has been married to a black woman for 7 years now, I can say from experience that although it is a rare combination, it’s not any different than any other two people coming together from different backgrounds, regardless of race.  If I’m going to spend the rest of my life with someone, day in and day out, for better or for worse, the color of their skin is the last thing I’m going to care about.  Sure we get stared at sometimes, but now it’s mostly because we walk around with our three adorable sons who are stunners!

    Dare to be different!

    • Christina

      Your sons are absolutely adorable!!! I’m married to an asian guy.. I’m pacific Islander, and its true.. its not about the color of our skin.. its whats in the heart that matters :-D we have 4 kids together… 3 beautiful daughters and one gorgeous son.. 

    • Amber Coxfield

      Wow your wifey is smoking hot. Honestly though it is easier for pretty people to date outside their race. Myself, I am black not that pretty and to top it all off fat. So I do find Asian men attractive but well I don’t think many men find me attractive because I am plain looking and fat, My dog love me though.

      • ann

        is that you in the picture? Those are beautiful ppl. in the picture. Couldn’t be the way you are downing yourself.
        Stop it now! Love yourself. Then it will be easier for a man to love you.

  • Demetrias Jones

    I’ve been searching for a while on interesting tidbits of how the Asian and Black relationship is going in today’s society. I haven’t found a lot of news, but at least there is something going on. I’ve even watched the above video’s of the young Black females and found them to be very interesting. There are quite a few of us who have deep feelings about the type of guy we want. My first Asian crush was Bruce Lee…lol. I still have admiration for him even today. I think one of our biggest obstacles as a Black female is actually getting out there and meeting face to face. That way you can at least develop a friendship and see where it goes from there. I’ll keep reading and checking out the latest news. Hopefully I’ll have something interesting to share someday myself. I think Blacks and Asians have more in common then they think. ^^v

  • Steve Borrden

    Been there and done that.  I personally don’t have the interest anymore.  However, for everyone out there if this is what you desire..go for it!

  • ShippingAllRaces

    Hey I was just watching one of my favorite movies that takes me back to my childhood and also features a black woman asian man couple. Its the Rogers and Hammersteins version of Cinderella with Brandy and Filipino Paolo Montalban! I am a black woman who loves men of all races but I think I may have found the guy of my dreams and he’s Korean so I am loving how this combination is getting so much love!!

  • Brownbeauty27

    Hey I’ve never dated outside of my race, but I’ve always been curious about asian guys since I was younger.

  • Zsazsaadeyemi

    Im looking for love…too…its special…..feels Gd and new…Asian men r hot

  • Zsazsaadeyemi

    Im looking for love but I’m not sure where to find it…I’ve tryed dating sites

  • Zsazsaadeyemi
  • Sonia Gayle

    I am a black british female and have always been attracted to Asian men. I live in London and we are a pretty multicultural city but I have only ever seen 2 black female/asian male couples so it is extremely rare. Two of my closest female friends are asian one british of chineses parents and the other chinese malaysian who goes out with an Italian. I have never gone out with an asian man due to lack of opportunity and have always ended up dating white men.

    I find  Asian men (definitely not all) alluring. I love their eye shape/jet black hair/full pouty lips and their killer cheek bones. I tend to be more attracted to Japanese guys but like Taiwanese/Korean/Chinese as well.  I don’t think in Engaland anyway that this is a trend if you want to call it that will ever take hold as most of the Asians here are from the home countries and so unlike the US where they have been for a couple of generations and so are americanised and integrated.

    People, friends of all different races etc are always shocked when I say that the most attractive men to me are asian men as no one expects a black girl to be atrracted to them.  My younger sister likes asian men as well andI have only 1 female friend who is Swedish who finds them attractive.

    It’s such a shame as I would love to date asian guys.

  • CapricornJ

    I think Asian men are just beautiful.. I’ve dated filipino and a Japanesse man in the past and I must say it was a wonderful experience. I’d like to try again…being back in the date scene after a three year hiatus… where’s best place to meet. I’m in Washington State…Seattle…

  • Khamsin

    I love Asian men, I have a few friends who dated Asian men and had beautiful children. I think it’s like any other relationship . It’ll take effort but you’ll also have to balance family traditions and values with the wants of the two who matter the most. ” the ines in the relationship “

  • Coco (actual nickname : < )

    I don’t know anything about trends, but I grew up in a heavily asian area so one of my first boyfriends as a kid was asian. But, I like a guy who treats me nice…. like my finacee does now….he’s Tiwanese and I just adore him and his family…. but my WORDDDD can the man snore like a motherfudger hehehehe

  • JadoreShe
  • Dawn

    I am very attracted to Asian men, and actually lived in Korea for two years, but I have never had the opportunity to date one.

  • chante’

    i love it a lot

  • Isis

    I have always been attracted to Asia men. I think that each group just never knew how to approach each other.

  • skittles

    I am current dating a Chinese guy and I am black female and he and I don’t have a problem with our relationship what matter is how you feel about each other not what other people think. Yea for my boo

  • Anita Ribisi

    I am very much open to it. I have met some intelligent, attractive Asian males, but I was not comfortable enough to approach them. Rejection does not wear well with me and I am well-versed and world-traveled. I am ready to give it a go, if God should allow me to meet am Asian male would be opened to me.

  • Louie

    The woman in the second video is so damn cute. If I were in Florida, I’d show much love to her.

  • Valentine69

    I think our beautiful Asiatic black women and Asian men have more in common than we realize. Break the generational barrier and find your truth to the tree of life. Our roots (blacks and asians)are intertwined more synergistically than any other race. Learn your history. The truth. Dig deep.

  • Mary Titus

    Several years ago an Asian gentleman told me , in front of others, that I was very pretty. I was extremely flattered by the compliment because he was the first Asian man to say that to me. I believe that there is nothing wrong with dating any race. Race is just a characteristic of the same species. What we call “race” makes the endeavor of dating and mating just that more intriguing.