Sophea Akara

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AmpedAsia.com: What is your ethnicity?
Sophea: I am 1/2 Cambodian, 1/4 Chinese and 1/4 Vietnamese.

AmpedAsia.com: Where were you born and where were you raised?
Sophea: Well, I was born in Cambodia during the holocaust regime. I actually don’t know the exact date because there was so much

violence and chaos. My family and I then made our way to the United States and settled in Los Angeles, after a few years, we moved to San Diego and that’s

where I wreaked havoc in the streets of East San Diego, “tha hood” : ) !

AmpedAsia.com: Ten years ago, where did you think you would be now?
Sophea: Ten years ago, I definitely thought I would be either be teaching English or Humanities to children everywhere, or

participating in some sort of missionary work. This all of course, after I got over my substance abuse coupled with my obsession of art. Weird, I know,


AmpedAsia.com: What really kickstarted started your modeling career?
Sophea: Hmm, I have to credit my initial modeling interest to MTV. They shot a whole season of shows in San Diego a few years back and

casted me to shoot nine episodes. It really helped me gain the personal confidence I’ve never had before.

AmpedAsia.com: What are your favorite aspects of modeling?
Sophea: My favorite things associated with modeling would have to be the ability to convey emotions through a still shot. It’s about

being creative. It’s not the easiest, nor the hardest job, but it definitely takes a lot of heart and creativity to do certain kinds of modeling. Oh, and I

also love the hair,makeup and costumes. I rarely dress up, so it’s nice to see myself looking different through the art of hair and makeup! Does that make me

superficial? Haha..probably!

AmpedAsia.com: Are there any negative aspects to modeling?
Sophea: No, but I think you can be perceived very negatively for no apparent reason and people will be quick to criticize you. I guess

it comes with the territory, so it’s important to not let it bother you. Another thing to watch out for, is that being labeled a “model” doesn’t make you

better than the next person. As we all know, you do NOT have to be attractive to model. Some people with an immature approach may actually fall victim to

having huge egos for no good reason. Unless you saved the world or stopped a war, I really don’t think you would be classified as phenomenal because you take

a good picture, haha!

AmpedAsia.com: What did you look like before you were a model compared to how you look now?
Sophea: Eeek! I was such an awkward girl! I mean, I was like this extremely thin, physically underdeveloped, curly unkept hair,

braces and taller than all the boys. I reached the height of 5’6″ when I was 16 years old. I’ll try to find some proof for you, but I may have burned them

all a few years back, haha! Wait, does that make me an ugly duckling?

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