Nana Okada

This Japanese beauty actually played a minor role in a Japanese drama! Read our interview to see answers about Japan, Japanese modeling, and basically all things Japanese!
Pinterest us your ethnicity, where you were born, and your birthday.
Nana Okada: Japanese, Yokohama Japan. July 25th. tell us about Japan, what are your favorite tourist attractions?
Nana Okada: Well, everybody always wants to go to Tokyo Disneyland or they go to Akihabara shopping for cameras etc. But my favorite place in Japan is Hakone, close to Mount Fujii. There you can experience the older Japan and take many hotspring-baths... :P often do you go back to Japan?
Nana Okada: About twice or three times a year. My parents still complain they don`t see me enough... made you to move to the United States from such a cool country like Japan?
Nana Okada: Yes, Japan is a cool country but there are alot of rules and soo many people there. Living in the USA is very different, there is more freedom. I still like to be in both countries though. I wanted to go shopping in Japan, where should I go?
Nana Okada: It depends what you want to buy. For clothes, I would go to Shibuya or Yokohama. just throwing this question out on behalf of the male viewers at Amped Asia ... if I wanted to find hot women in Japan, where would I go?
Nana Okada: Yokohama of course..!! haha. In Japan, Akita is very famous for beautiful women. They have the smoothest white skin and and pocess tradition beauty. you interested in Japanese entertainment like movies, music, dramas?
Nana Okada: Yes I like Japanese drama and movies, I was even an extra in some of them. about other Asian countrys' entertainment?
Nana Okada: Many people in Japan like the Koreans tv drama`s now. But I`m sorry to say that I haven`t watched those yet. you model in Japan at all?
Nana Okada: I did a few photo shoots and was a promotion girl for Miller Japan. do you think of the modeling industry in Japan vs United States?
Nana Okada: In Japan it`s very important to be cute (kawaii), they tend to focus on the face and clothes. In the United States your whole image is much more important. did you become a model and why did you choose to do this?
Nana Okada: I started when I was 19, I was always looking at the pictures in the fashion magazines and wished it could be me in there. us your favorite photo of yourself
Nana Okada: Its very hard to decide which is my favorite picture! Here it is (below)

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