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On December 22nd, 2006, we sat down and and had a short interview with Vietnamese import model Kim Do.

AmpedAsia.com: What is your nationality?

Kim Do: Vietnamese

AmpedAsia.com: have you been to the home country recently?

Kim Do: No, but I was born in Indonesia.

AmpedAsia.com: So where do you reside now?

Kim Do: Rialto, CA, In the Inland Empire

AmpedAsia.com: why Rialto of all places?

Kim Do: My parents bought the house 15 years ago. We used to live in San Francisco.

AmpedAsia.com: Why did you pursue a modeling career?

Kim Do: I wanted to make a difference.

AmpedAsia.com: I’m sure you are an import model right?

Kim Do: Yes.

AmpedAsia.com: Are you looking to pursue a career outside of modeling at this point?

Kim Do: Yes, it has a wider range of opportunities

AmpedAsia.com: Any other careers in particular?

Kim Do: Public Relations. I have a promotional background.

AmpedAsia.com: How busy is the modeling industry for you?

Kim Do: If I took it serious probably be busy everyday. Since I have a day job, it’s a juggle

AmpedAsia.com: So what do you think is the hottest part of your body?

Kim Do: My teeth, chest & abs

What is your typical Friday or Saturday night?

Kim Do: Friday: Work, errands, work out, party
Saturday: Errands, workout, photoshoots, and/or go go dancing if not party

AmpedAsia.com: Currently are you dating?

Kim Do: Nope.

AmpedAsia.com: What are some qualities you like in men that you date (or women)?

Kim Do: Men: Mixed nationality, intelligent, well mannered, sense of humor, senses of style &

family oriented.

AmpedAsia.com: Do you like dating Asian men, and have you dated them before?

Kim Do: I’ve dated Asian men but they were all mixed ethnicity.

AmpedAsia.com: Who do you think is the hottest Asian model in the industry (excluding

yourself of course)?

Kim Do: Natasha Yi & Christine Mendoza

AmpedAsia.com: Do you like Asian movies at all?

Kim Do: Yes, I grew up watching Chinese movies and soaps translated to vietnamese

AmpedAsia.com: o thats cool, so you have a pretty good fluency in Vietnamese?

Kim Do: Yeah, I only speak to my parents in Vietnamese, trying not to loose the culture


AmpedAsia.com: What do you like to do for fun (hobbies, etc)?

Kim Do: If I’m not partying, I’m at home spending time with my family, movies, etc

AmpedAsia.com: o hey i forgot one question, Any asian celebrity crushes?

Kim Do: Asian hmmmm…

Kim Do: I don’t know his name but the guy from white castle

AmpedAsia.com: oh okay, his name is John Cho

Kim Do: there you go

AmpedAsia.com: Alright to wrap things up, do you have a site and what would you like to say

to your fans?

Kim Do: For now you can find my on myspace.com/kimdo. Thanks to the fans for the support and God bless!

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