Jenny Chu

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What is your hometown and what is your ethnicity?

Jenny Chu: I grew up in SoCal, Thousand Oaks to be exact. I’m 1/2 Chinese and Vietnamese

Where do you currently reside?

Jenny Chu: I currently reside in the valley..not too far from Hollywood so it’s super convenient!

How did you first get started in the modeling biz?

Jenny Chu: I’ve always wanted to model and my friend asked me to model for his car team and my first car show ever was Extreme Autofest San Diego. From there on I’ve branched out to skateboard wheel ads, music videos, gogo dancing, and hosting events.

Is modeling your full time job or do you have other jobs to make ends meet?

Modeling is just something on the side I do – mostly the weekends. I tour with Hot Import Nights and gogo dance locally when I’m in town. I did have another full time job but I just got laid off…so if anybody out there needs has an opening, please hit me up!

For an aspiring model, what tips would you give them to help them get started?

I believe having a positive attitude and networking is the key. I know I got turned down soo many times at first, and I still do on occasion but please don’t let that bring you down. I believe that each company has their own flavor so you might be right for one company but not for another.

What are some goals that you have in mind for the next 10 years?

I need to find a job quick and I know in this economy things have been really slow. I have my real estate license so I’d like to concentrate on that more and hopefully things will pick up. Then I’d like to travel the world!

Give us an example of what a typical weekend would be like for you?

My Hot Import NIghts Tour weekend is usually pretty crazy. I’ll gogo dance on a Thursday. Take an early flight out Friday morning so I can sleep on the plane. When I land, there’s usually a pre-party that I gogo for. Then Saturday is the car show and then gogo dance at the after party. And then take an early flight out Sunday…and in some cases, I’ve done back to back shows like fly from one show right to another.

Worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

I don’t have a worst pick up line but here’s my favorite: (it’s soo simple)
Guy: Did you fart?

Girl: What? No

Guy: Because you blew me away.

Currently are you single or taken?

Single! I think it’s soo hard to find a man that will understand what I do for a living and not get jealous!

What are some key aspects of a person that you think about when you are deciding whether to date them or not?

Gentleman manners are my first! And second, I love a guy that can make me laugh…otherwise it would be a super boring relationship.

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