Grace Kim

AmpedAsia.com: Have you ever been to your home country and if you did what did you like about it?

Grace Kim: I’ve been to Korea three times now and I LOVE it. I was born in Los Angeles but my ancestral roots are in Busan and

Seoul, S. Korea. There’s definitely something to be said about the familial piety and good mannerisms people exhibit in the Motherland. In addition, the

shopping, cuisine, and cultural richness always draw me back!

AmpedAsia.com: What was your life like before Playboy?

Grace Kim: I was a working civilian, doing the 9-5 like most people. I miss the stability and anonymity at times, but realize

that corporate slavery isn’t for me in the short or long run. Playboy has opened up so many doors and opportunities for me- it’s amazing. I don’t know if so

many people would be interested in my writing and in publishing my works-in-progress had I not had my Playboy connections, that’s for sure. Also, Playboy

really is like a family, so Hef ensures the Playmates are healthy and happy. It’s like having a second family, which is awesome.

AmpedAsia.com: Tell us a little bit about how you ended up as Playboy’s playmate of the month.

Grace Kim: I originally submitted my picture to get into the Halloween ‘ 07 party. I didn’t ever think I could be in the

magazine- I wasn’t a model. Shortly thereafter, I heard back from Holly Madison, asking if I wanted to be a Playmate. I was stunned. The opportunity came to

me on a silver platter. I immediately said “yes” and test shot a couple days later. She invited me to come meet Hef and enjoy the private dinner and movie

nights with them and their friends. About three weeks later, I was approved by Hef to be a Playmate based on my test shoot, and I began shooting my pictorial

and video over the course of the next several months. It was an amazing experience.

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AmpedAsia.com: When you were approached to do Playboy what was your initial reaction?

Grace Kim: I was definitely stunned. I thought it was a joke at first that my friends were playing on me! I was both shocked

and really complimented. It’s an honor and a blessing.

AmpedAsia.com: What do you think the future will be like now that you posed for Playboy?

Grace Kim: I think the opportunities that come my way will be continual, from what I’ve experienced and what I’ve seen in

talking to other Playmates, recent and in many years passed.

AmpedAsia.com: Are you still working for Playboy or are you doing something else now?

Grace Kim: I’m definitely still working for Playboy, in addition to several other projects I’ve immersed myself in. Right now

I’m busy writing two books, as well as traveling for various reasons..

AmpedAsia.com: How are you handling everything (the attention, your parents reaction, etc).

Grace Kim: With stride. :) I’m kind of a hermit and really shy, so the attention was a little hard for me to deal with at

first. When my issue hits stands, I was hiding under my bedsheets! Now I’m cool with it and have fun talking to my “fans” (I still find it funny saying that

word, so I refer to them as my pals). My parents were shocked at first, but absolutely accepted it. They know why I did it and they fully support me. My

mom’s been saving clippings from The Korean Times and arranging them in an album. I’m very fortunate and blessed to have such wonderful parents.

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Grace Kim

AmpedAsia.com: Describe a typical weekday and a typical weekend for Grace Kim.

Grace Kim: I’m not a big clubber or drinker; I enjoy watching films, traveling, or staying home and/or spending time with

family (my parents here in So Cal, brother/sister-in-law in Nor Cal, and extended in Busan/Seoul). With PB, my projects, and family, I don’t have much time

for anything else!

AmpedAsia.com: What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Grace Kim: I’m sort of klutzy and extremely dorky in private.

AmpedAsia.com: Are you single or taken?

Grace Kim: I’m single and not looking for a relationship right now (sorry!).

AmpedAsia.com: What traits do you look for in a partner?

Grace Kim: Intelligence, ability to make me laugh, ability to be a MAN when the situation calls for it, gentlemanly manners,

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has substance (doesn’t just “look good”), can carry on a G0OD conversation, doesn’t sweat the small stuff, is genuine/sincere, doesn’t talk over me or try to

“top” my stories, is open-minded and not judgmental of others, good tippers.

AmpedAsia.com: If you could give one piece of dating advice to guys, what would you say?

Grace Kim: Don’t sign ANYTHING!!!

AmpedAsia.com: Now you can promote your myspace, website, whatever.

Grace Kim:www.myspace.com/graceplaymate

AmpedAsia.com: and give a last message to your fans!

Grace Kim: Don’t just follow your dreams- CHASE them! Xx, Grace

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