Read our interview with the sexy girl-next-door Cheri as she spills the juice on her love life, her blogging, her views on Asian guys, and more.
Pinterest what does the future hold? Are you going to continue doing the web thing or are you going to pursue other fields?

Cheri: My goal is to become a well-known media personality and hopefully make it onto TV Hosting for shows like G4 (I'd really love to be a female host on that show -- it's so friggin' up my alley). Or maybe Radio DJ, or any sort of Broadcast Journalism. I want to be involved with the media! I've been basically working that field hands-on my whole life, and my internet resume alone is proof of it. Just googling "heycheri" will get you a MASSIVE search result. I'm trying to brand the "heycheri" name. So what about modeling, is that something else you want to pursue? or even acting maybe?

Cheri: Oh my god, I'd love to get into acting one day. And modeling isn't really totally my gig -- like, I'm a camera whore, sure. I'll jump at any opportunity to be in a picture. And I pride myself on being totally photogenic, but ... I just don't think I'm tall enough for that sort of thing? I'm only 5'1, dude. Come on. Haha. If I get famous enough one day maybe, modeling will be in my future. But it will never be my main gig. That's why I don't like to claim that I'm a model. I just don't really fit into that area. Alright lets go into your personal life some. currently are you single or taken?

Cheri: Definitely single. Single, single, single, single, single!! Haha why the emphasis?

Cheri: Because boys are fuckin' crazy, dude! First they're like, "Oooh, let's be together." And then they're like, "Oh my god, it's moving too fast." Or they're like, "You're too famous! I can't handle all of the attention!" Like, wtf?! Get a grip, man! I'm not famous, first of all. And second of all, don't get into it with me if you don't plan on it going anywhere. I have better things to do with my time than sit here and stress over some dumb guy who doesn't know what he wants. Grow up, oh my god.

Cheri: Basically, being single has been the most beneficial thing to my career. To your career as a blogger?

Cheri: To my career in general. As a blogger, as a gamer, a model -- everything. Oh ok, but this boyfriend drama im reading on your blog seems so interesting.

Cheri: HAHA! Oh god. Apparently you had an ex whose name was a single letter.

Cheri: LOL! His name wasn't a single letter. It was just a code name. I have a lot of psycho-ass stalkers and haters. Like, the type that spend every waking moment obsessing over me and everything I do, maintaining blogs that are all about me, sending messages to all of my fans, friends, and even employers to try and make me out to be a bad person -- they work really hard. I basically have my own tabloids at this point. They've even called my house before, and spend a lot of time trying to find out who my family members are, etc etc. Basically, if you are affiiliated with me, you will probably feel the wrath of my stalkers. They. Are. Literally. Insane. Lol. That's pretty insane, so you kind of have paparazzi.

Cheri: HAHA! They would definitely be my paparazzi if they knew where I lived or knew where I was at all times! I try not to make it public where I'm going unless it's somewhere huge and filled with lots of people. That way, they can't find me. Did you ever go to college?

Cheri: Yes. I'm not currently in class right now, though. What did you study?

Cheri: Broadcast Journalism, Marketing, and Communications. And some of my favorite classes were Psychology and Sociology. For obvious reasons. I'm very much a people person. Did you end up with a degree?

Cheri: Not yet! I haven't finished. Alright lets talk about something more interesting: boys!

Cheri: Hahaha, what about those crazy creatures? What's the funniest pick up line you've ever heard.

Cheri: Oh man. I don't know about "funny" pick up lines, so much as "creepy" or "lame". But the one I fucking hate more than anything in the world is, "I love asian girls." EW. EW. EW. EW. EW. SHUT UP. GOD. Ok so what kind of traits do you like in a guy?

Cheri: First ... Okay, so I need a guy who's socially free enough to be around every single type of person. They can't be racist, they can't be homophobic, they can't be afraid to meet my girlfriends, and they definitely can't be intimidated by my guy friends. I know so many different types of people, and I need someone to be as likeable as I am, basically. I also would really appreciate someone who doesn't mind being in front of a camera. In the line of work that I do, there are cameras going off a lot. Whether it's my own, or at an event, etc. Also ... Someone tall. He needs to be tall. And smart. Like, witty enough to keep a decent conversation going, and to flow easily into conversation with me. And he can't be too much of a showoff. I haaate guys that brag too much! Like, a little bit here and there is fine, but damn. Shut up, cocky. And he can't be desperate!! Girls can sense desperation so easily, omg. How tall do you need him to be? Is 5'6" tall enough.

Cheri: Hahaha, why, are you 5'6? No. Just wondering.

Cheri: Haha, well. Ideally, he should be somewhere from 5'10 and up. Every boy I've ever dated has been around that height. Wow ok. So you need 9 inches of airspace up there.

Cheri: HAHAHA! Yes, I do! I just really like being the cute, petite little girlfriend, y'know? I want my man to be able to manhandle me, toss me around, pick me up, and feel big and strong. And at the same time, I want to feel fragile. Like a woman. Like I'm safe when I'm with him and he can protect me. So like what if a guy was 5'9" but he's awesome, like everything you wanted, is that inch going to prevent you from dating him.

Cheri: No, LOL. If a guy can charm the shit out of me, I'm all his. But I'm not an easy cookie to please. I'm HELLA picky.

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