Asian Men: Tips for Longer Hair

Want to sport a long hairstyle? Many Asian men do because of the freedom and versatility of long hair. Here are some tips to make it work for you.
Medium long to long hair can be a hassle to maintain and especially a hassle to style. However, there are many men, especially Asian men, who prefer this type of hair because it can bring variety and edginess to a person's look, especially if it's pulled off right. Because Asians have naturally thick and straight hair, it can usually take a little bit of extra styling (as compared to Caucasian hair, which can be naturally wavy and instantly stylish).

Right off the bat you should know that long hair is suited well for people who have smaller heads. Long hair can make people with larger heads look even larger. However, it can hide a chubby face or distract people from the roundness of the face.

Long hair will need constant washing, especially if you have naturally thin hair. Logically, because there is more hair, it is easier for the hair to get greasier and dirty. Make sure you take care of your hair with both shampoo and conditioner to keep it from being nasty. Avoid using 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners, as these tend to make your hair lose moisture. Shampoo with every shower, but use the conditioner only about once a week.

With long hair many exciting looks can be pulled off, including looks that seem to come straight from a Japanese anime. Some tips for your long/medium-long hair.

1) Use a strong hair wax or styling gel
Opt out of using hairspray or mousse, hair wax or hair styling gel is your best bet if you want long spikes or just a lifted look. We recommend a brand like Gatsby for your styling needs because it has an extra firm hold but still allows you to mold your hair into many different styles.

2) Don't let your hair be flat
Flat hair is boring, unstylish, and makes for a poor fashion choice. It can also make you look more feminine than you want. Instead run through your hair with a styling gel and add lift to your hair in order to get that trendy modern look.

3) Keep your hair thin
As your hair grows, it is bound to get thicker and thicker, and will make your head look larger. Tell your barber to take out a lot of bulk without sacrificing length. This also makes the hair easier to style.

4) Avoid slicked back hair styles
This type of hair style is out of fashion and can also damage the scalp and speed up balding. You're not Dracula so don't pretend that you are.

5) Avoid pony-tails
While in Asia a ponytail is sometimes ok, the tail is not very widely accepted in the United States as trendy.

6) Avoid too even parting
While this may have worked for some people before, having hair that is evenly parted usually does not look good on Asian men. Instead work with a messy hair style that has bangs and spiky edges.



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