6 Most Ripped Asian Guys

Jackie Chan

You’ve definitely heard of Mr. Chan, one of the biggest names in Hong Kong film industry. He’s also become quite a household name with American audiences after making movies like Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon. With over 100 movies to his name, Chan is one of the most popular Asian superstars of this age.

In his prime, Jackie was known to have a body of muscle. Guess Kung Fu and weight training are great ways to create an amazing body. Even at the tender age of 55, he’s still got a physique that many men desire. Shots of his ripped abs and muscular upper body are ever prevalent in movies like Drunken Master, The Tuxedo, and Gorgeous (as well as most of his movies, since he does like to take his shirt off!)

Kwon Sang Woo

Korea loves Kwon Sang Woo, an actor who also does modeling work. You may have seen him alongside Choi Ji Woo in Stairway To Heaven, the series that boosted his popularity in Korea. Unfortunately for you ladies out there, he is married to the beautiful Son Tae Young.

Kwon Sang Woo is one of the few Korean actors who just completely embodies manliness. With many Korean actors turning somewhat feminine (see Lee Jun Ki), Kwon Sang Woo shows that an impressive physique still can win hearts in the Korean entertainment industry. In Korea he is known as an example of “mom-zzang” meaning “great body movement.”

Yul Kwon

There are very few contestants on Survivor who are Asian and even fewer of them are Survivor winners. Yul Kwon is the winner of Survivor: Cook Islands and showed the world that Asians know how to get it done. Using a mix of brawn and strategy, this former High School valedictorian took home the million dollar grand prize.

Yul Kwon seemingly has it all. Not only is he massively ripped, but he’s also a former valedictorian and an advocate of Asian American rights. Not to mention that he’s handsomely rich after winning survivor. Expect to see more of this guy in the future.

Bruce Lee

Few embody the super star as much as Bruce Lee. Well known in both the United States and China, Bruce Lee is truly one of the biggest international super stars. Without him, it’s unknown whether stars like Jackie Chan and Jet Li would have a place in Hollywood. Unfortunately he did meet his untimely demise at the age of 33.

Although he isn’t as large as some of the other guys on this list, Martial Arts made him incredibly cut and well built. Bruce Lee was a true athlete and had an incredibly sexy body.


Hard to imagine that Rain was once told that he would never be a star. This guy is perhaps one of Korea’s most revered singers much thanks to his physique. His role in Full House brought international fame to Rain and it doesn’t seem like his stardom will be waning anytime soon. He recently released an album entitled Rainism.

Rain is one of the bigger guys on this list. His physique is very impressive – broad shoulders, bulging biceps, and a strong overall chest make him one of the few Asian guys who can wear low cut shirts.

Kim Jong Kook

While he isn’t an international star like some of the other guys on this list, it’s pretty necessary to mention how great this guy’s body is. Rippling muscles make him seem like the everyday manly man, but interviews and his appearances have shown him to be quite a gentle and caring guy. Plus he does have a pretty high-pitched voice. Does that make him less manly? No not at all. He exudes sex appeal and is very well liked by the Korean public.

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