6 Most Ripped Asian Guys

Here's Amped Asia's list for the six most ripped Asian guys that we know. Get ready for the heat ladies.

Jackie Chan

You've definitely heard of Mr. Chan, one of the biggest names in Hong Kong film industry. He's also become quite a household name with American audiences after making movies like Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon. With over 100 movies to his name, Chan is one of the most popular Asian superstars of this age.

In his prime, Jackie was known to have a body of muscle. Guess Kung Fu and weight training are great ways to create an amazing body. Even at the tender age of 55, he's still got a physique that many men desire. Shots of his ripped abs and muscular upper body are ever prevalent in movies like Drunken Master, The Tuxedo, and Gorgeous (as well as most of his movies, since he does like to take his shirt off!)

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